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Fun With Chuck

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When I was 17, my parents, in particular my Mother, liked to send me on retreats with the church. I don't know why, those people in the church made me miserable. One year though, we had a retreat 2000 miles away on the property of a former youth minister for the church. The guys slept in a giant army tent built on some pallets for a floor, the girls in an old rustic cabin by the side of a lake. There was lots of good times, the guys would get naked every night for 'tick inspection' where a buddy checked your backside for ticks and other little creatures. Luckily I got to see the asshole of just about every guy there, and picked out a few ticks. We built an outdoor shower, fed by gravity from a huge water tank just uphill... you never showered alone as the rules where who ever uses the shower fills the tank.

One day, a fellow camper 'Chuck' who had the biggest unit I had seen and I were changing clothes, I was disrobing to change into a pair of shorts and a shirt when I heard Chuck say 'Rob' I turned and there he was naked, with a glorious erection, throbbing. Well needless to say I could not keep my eyes off his boner, and I said 'nice meat' he just smiled and said 'thanks'.

I didn't think too much about it, especially after I snuck down to the outhouse and jacked one off, until the next morning, for some reason I was always the first one awake at these retreats, I awoke to find Chuck kneeling by my sleeping bag and said 'good, you're awake, lets go take a shower!' so I dragged my ass out of my sleeping bag put on my shorts and shoes and followed my Adonis to the large out door shower. Once inside the shower, we were naked and getting wet and cold the shower was not heated except for the sun, which of course had just come up. Chuck turned towards me with a gigantic boner and said 'What did you mean nice meat yesterday' Embarrassed, I choked out the words 'You have a nice package that's all'.

He came over and stood next to me, with his hard on bobbing up and down, throbbing, and said 'Why don't you touch it, then? Not one for being on the wrong end of a suggestion, I grabbed his cock with my right hand, and my cock with my left hand. I jacked him for what seemed like two hours. His skin was so soft. And he liked to lick my nipples. Finally, he removed my hand from my cock and put his own on it. We continued to jack for a good long time until he blurted out 'I'm gonna cum' and before I knew it he shot four or five good size ropes right on my chest. Of course seeing him come out of his magnificent dick just made me come and come.

After we got our senses back, we walked up the hill to fill the tank. I asked him why, when he could pick any guy or gal for that matter did he want to do this with me. His answer was that I was the only guy that seemed to really appreciate looking at his and the other guys cocks, and he figured I would know how to jack another guy off, so he picked me! I said 'Thanks', anytime, and I also volunteered that I was willing to go further, but we never did anything again.



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