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Fun With Another Couple

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First off let me say that my wife and I are not swingers. Neither one of us could share the other with another person intimately. We have had full blown sex before in the company of another couple and we enjoyed watching each other in the midst of the sex. We didn't swap mates though.

This brings me to a weekend night about a month ago. We had some friends I will call Deb and Gary over at our house. We are always joking around and the sexual jokes and raunchy talk was sprinkled throughout the evening. Somehow the topic of men's hard-ons came up and the girls were making jokes about size and all that. I made a comment about my size and my wife said 'No way ... yours isn't that big!' I insisted it was then Deb got into it and told me to prove it. I looked at Gary and then my wife and they both said 'yeah, prove it!'

I thought about it briefly then stood and started fumbling with my belt buckle and zipper, but before I got too far my wife said, 'Gary has to show his too!' There were a few minutes of hesitation and talk, then he and I stood in front of our wives and dropped our pants and underwear. They were seated side by side on the couch. During those few minutes of hesitation and talk I started getting hard because Deb is really cute and I found the idea of her seeing me hard to be really exciting.

I was already throbbing when the elastic waistband of my underwear dropped past my dick.

Gary soon had a nice hard-on too and there we stood in front of our wives. The girls were laughing and cutting up and oogling over our hard-ons. Deb was looking at mine and my wife was looking at Gary's.

Gary and I were both about the same 6.5' in length. Without really thinking about it, my hand occasionally stroked my dick, kind of like I was trying to keep it up ... but it was really because it simply felt good to do that. Gary was doing the same thing.

I was in front of my wife and Gary in front of his as we let them look at us, but the women were looking at the other man mostly. Gary suggested he and I swap places, so I stood in front of Deb and he stood in front of my wife. I found it extremely hot as Deb studied my hard-on and I slowly felt myself. As Gary and I continued to hold our dicks our motion finally became stroking. I then said 'Damn, I feel like jacking off,' and Gary said 'me too!' The women were really enjoying it and almost together they said 'go ahead!'

I thought ahead and said that we would need some tissues or towels or something so my wife jumped up and came back with two hand towels. They arranged the hand towels across their waists and stomachs. I loved jacking off while looking into Deb's face. I could see she was very excited watching me. My wife was enjoying watching Gary stroke his dick too.

I was so turned on, I was the first to lose it after about five minutes of stroking. I announced I was ready, protruded my hips and aimed my dick at the towel across Deb's body, and I pumped four or five good rounds of cum onto the towel as she said 'yeah, baby ... cum for me.' About then Gary announced and he began pumping cum on my wife's hand towel.

What fun. We never got the women to join or anything, but I found it thrilling anyway. I hope they will let us do it again sometime and maybe we'll get the ladies to play for us too!



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