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Fun With a Friend

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I pretty much consider myself straight. I also like masturbation and have written about doing it (with a girlfriend) elsewhere on Solo Touch.
Last autumn, I finally masturbated with a male friend, who is my jogging friend. We weren't otherwise real close, although earlier in the year we'd seen the Stones in concert (at the Wiltern theater in L.A., what a great renovation job they did on it!). I already felt a slight sexual attraction to him, and yeah, I'd even had a few fantasies about playing with his cock, but had never thought to act on those fantasies. One day, after we'd jogged at the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Center (on a smoggy L.A. day), we got back to my apartment, showered - separately - and changed into our regular clothes, just like always.
I put on a pair of cord' shorts, and Steve, my friend, commented that they looked good. It was a sort of odd comment I picked up on immediately.
'Thanks, hey I've got a few pairs of these,' I told him. 'You want a pair? Try these on!' I didn't give him or myself time to think about it, I just unbuttoned my and dropped the shorts to the floor, stepping out of them, picking them up, and handing them to him. I knew my big t-shirt covered my briefs and the bulge that was growing in them, and while I knew Steve couldn't see what was happening to my penis, suddenly I was thinking some of my (admittedly pretty vanilla) fantasies were about to become real.
What was he gonna do? Out of sheer politeness I figured he'd at least try them on, and he did, quickly unbuckling his jeans. His own t-shirt was a lot smaller than mine, and barely reached the top of his own checkered boxers, but I really couldn't tell if he was turned on by being half naked with me.
Once he pulled my shorts up, they looked nice on him and I told him so. 'Take 'em home!' I urged him. 'Take 'em off and put them with your running stuff, if you want.'
Steve did just that, taking the shorts off and putting them on the chair by the door with his jogging shorts and shirt. I made no move to find new pants to wear, in fact I went to the 'fridge and got a couple of drinks out while still in my undies. 'Wanna watch the game?' I asked, flipping on the t.v. and sitting on the couth.
Steve made no move himself to put his jeans on again. In fact, he tossed them on top of his new cord shorts. He sat down next to me and we started to watch the annual UCLA - USC November football game. We sat and talked and and got real comfortable with each other.
At some point, we had somehow moved pretty close together, and our bare legs occasionally touched, and sometimes we touched each other on the shoulder or knee to emphasize a point. And Steve suddenly said, kind of laughing, 'Do you think Kathy would mind if she knew we were sitting around together in our underwear watching t.v?'
I answered 'Hmmm, I don't know, but I don't tell you what my girlfriend and I do when we're in our underwear together, so she doesn't have to know what we do!'
'Fair enough,' Steve said.
Then I had to say, 'Actually, she'd probably be turned on by it.'
By now it was pretty obvious how things were going, so I added something like, 'Sure, and she'd probably wanna know why you still have your t-shirt on, Steve - I mean, she already knows what I look like!'
In a way, it was like putting moves on a new girlfriend - I just leaned over tugged on the bottom of Steve's t-shirt, and he put his arms up and in a few seconds he was down to his boxers, and now a definite little tent was erected inside them.
'That's better - I'm sure she'd think this was a turn-on,' I said. Without a word, Steve reached over to me and helped me take my t-shirt off, and soon we were sitting very close together, two good friends who happened to be males - and horny - leaning against each other from calves to shoulders. The touching felt good as we talked and watched t.v. and each other. We both had hard-ons, and I was already getting blue balls, wanting so bad to see and touch his cock. My left shoulder and his right shoulder were touching, so I finally reached with my right hand and touched his bare thigh, and pushed up under his boxers.
'Yeah, this is nice,' I said. 'How come we haven't done this before?'
Steve didn't answer, but I suddenly saw goosebumps appear on his arms and legs, and I pushed my fingers up a little higher, until I found his balls, and he shuddered, then I took my hand out from under his boxers. From outside his underwear, I ran my fingers lightly over the shaft of his penis. Steve immediately pumped his hips up and down, pushing his cock against my fingers. I knew then we were gonna get naked so I just took my fingers off his cock and leaned over again to grab the band of his boxers with both hands. He lifted his ass and his boxers were down and on the floor at his feet. I looked at his cock, it was cut and to my untutored eye probably six inches plus, sort of like mine, and it was up against his belly.
If I were a girl I would have wanted to kiss him, he looked killer, but I'm not that way with guys, at least not yet in my life, so I just put a hand back on his cock told him to follow me. We stood up and I led him by his cock into my bedroom (someone has done that to me and I loved leading Steve that way, too) and onto the waterbed. I got myself naked in a nanosecond, and for the next few minutes we indulged each other in what I really wanted to do - mutually masturbate with a guy.
At first our arms and legs were tangled up. My own cock got so hard, I could barely believe it felt so good, just by touching another male that way. And I was super turned on at the touch of my friend. It's one thing for a guy to get turned on by a girl - we're made that way most of the time. But I thought it was something special for two guys who usually consider themselves straight to be so sexual with each other. I suddenly realized that I probably had a boyfriend as well as a girlfriend.
Then we slowed down, and took turns playing with each other. Actually, it didn't take long to orgasm, we were both way turned on. When it happened, I was working on Steve, who was now on his back, his legs sort of spread, and I was moving my hand slowly up and down his shaft, using my other hand to play with his balls and his ass and his thighs.
He said something like, 'Wait, I'm gonna cum, wait,' but of course I didn't wait, and I didn't answer, I just pumped my hand up and down his cock a little bit faster, and Steve's ass was moving up and down on the bed to meet my strokes, and then he was shooting his load up over his belly, some of it touched my hand, and it was warm and slick like my cum, and he was jerking his hips and breathing real fast while he shot his load. Finally! I had masturbated a guy to an orgasm, something I had done with girls, but now I had done to another guy I liked.
Steve calmed down and then said it was my turn. I lay on my back and Steve sat up beside me and started pumping my cock again with his own hand. He looked down at me and I had the thought that he wanted to kiss but, like me, was still to shy to do that with another male - it would wait for another day. Like Steve, I started to breathe a lot faster, my hips started to move in time to his hands, one of which cupped my balls, one of which continued to pump my shaft, and I spread my legs wide to let him know how good it all felt, and then I came real quick.
We showered again, watched the end of the game in the nude, sitting close together but drained enough not to repeat our penis play, and Steve finally got dressed and left. I still had a date with Kathy, and kept it, but that night I had no real appetite for sex, at least I didn't want to cum in her twat (she knows I like to be masturbated, and does it to me, but she always wants me to finish in her pussy).
So, I'm still seeing Kathy, and we still like to have intercourse the old fashioned way, but most Saturday afternoons when I can get out of being with Kathy, I've spent the afternoon in bed with my boyfriend. It's still sort of vanilla sex, which is what I like, anyway. We've kept away from anal sex, have occasionally tried (and liked) oral sex, but don't kiss that often, (as I suspected, Steve likes it, so I oblige at least a little when he wants to). What we both love is stripping down for leisurely, and mutual penis play.
Personally, I see nothing wrong with this sort of activity, it doesn't take anything away from my relationship with my girlfriend (whom I will happily bone, even on Saturday nights, since she likes it; anyway I sometimes last longer, much to her satisfaction, on Saturday nights, after the earlier session with my boyfriend - does my girlfriend know about Steve? Not as far as I can tell and for now I think it's best that way).
On the other hand, masturbation with a male adds another dimension to my sex life, one that can't be duplicated with a woman. My recommendation to guys thinking about trying mutual masturbation with a male: get past your inhibitions and try it! There's no harm done if you don't want to repeat the experience, and a whole new world will open if you do like it. While sex with a boyfriend is a gay experience, it doesn't mean you're a confirmed gay, anymore than sex with a girlfriend means you're only straight. Mutual masturbation is just another way to explore sexuality with like minded people, of either sex.



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