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Fun Watching Friends

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I will post the other parts of this story as time permits and if readers enjoy it.


The first part of this happened about a year ago. I go to college in central Missouri and I lived in a dorm my first two years. I had a friend named Greg who lived on the first floor and had a really hot girlfriend. Her name was Heidi. She was about 5'9', 105 lbs brunette shoulder length hair, and really nice skin. My name is Ryan by the way. Anyway I would see them making out sometimes or walking around campus holding hands. She always looked so hot and I would always wonder what kind of panties she had on, especially if I saw her in a skirt. Greg introduced us once our freshman year but I'm pretty sure she didn't remember. Anyway there was more than one occasion where I would jack off thinking about how Greg would tell me she masturbated. He told me he got her a vibrator and sometimes she would look at pictures for him and masturbate to that. Closing my eyes imagining that always made me so hard. I'd put my hand inside my boxers and grab my cock (I'm kind of big by the way, about 10 inches hard and really thick) and just jack off thinking about her pleasuring herself. Well, back to what happened.
I was walking back from working out one night. I guess I will tell what I look like now. I have short dark brown hair, I'm about 6'2 195lbs, and I am pretty muscular. I think I'm a pretty attractive guy; I have never had trouble getting girls. Anyway I was walking back to my dorm and I was coming around the back because a lot of times I would be able to see into Greg's room and if Heidi was in there, they would most likely be doing something sexual. What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. There was Heidi with her panties around one of her ankles, legs spread. Her hands were playing with her tits, and Greg had his face buried in her pussy. I stood there like a deer in headlights. My cock got instantly hard and I swear to god it's never been that hard since. I watched as Greg licked her shaved pussy. I was only about 10 feet away looking in the window. They were on his bed and his shade was open enough that I could see. Heidi was obviously about to come because she was getting louder and she was moving a lot. Other people would walk by. Some stopped for a second behind me and said, 'Is that Heidi and Greg?' I could only nod. I don't remember who it was but there were a few guys and a couple of girls that stopped by. All of them commented on how hot Heidi was (even the girls) and both girls commented on Greg's dick. I was touching my cock through my pants when one of the guys told me I shouldn't do that outside the dorms where a thousand people could see. So I ran upstairs as fast as I could and went straight into my room. I just got done working out and my roommate was in my room so I got in the shower as fast as I could.
I let the hot water ripple down my body, from my face to my chest down my six-pack and over my rock hard cock. I looked down at it and could feel how badly I needed to cum. I washed my hair and started soaping up my body, first my chest then my abs. I kept going lower teasing myself when I finally just grabbed my dick with my soapy hands and started jacking off right there in the community shower. Anyone that came in would see what I was doing. I didn't care though. I wanted to cum. I thought about Greg eating Heidi out and I wondered how good she tasted and within minutes I came. I shot my cum all over the shower wall. I dried off and went back to my room where my roommate was sleeping. I was tired and I had an early class so I just put on my boxers and got in bed. I was trying to sleep but all I could do was see Heidi getting eaten out then going down on Greg and I started wondering how good it would feel if she was sucking my cock. I slid off my boxers and grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. I jacked off again, with my roommate sleeping just a few feet away. I think I came like 2 or 3 more times over the next hour and a half. I have never cum that good. I ended up falling asleep nude and my roommate woke me up in the morning telling me to put some clothes on then he left. I looked down and saw my cock was rock hard so I went at it again, stroking my self to a massive orgasm.
There is more to this story as Heidi eventually found out that I was watching, but I wrote enough for now. This story got me all hard again so I have to go take care of it.



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