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Fun Times With Patrick

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Patrick and I were best friends growing up, and we learned a lot about each other over the years...


Patrick and I were best friends throughout much of Elementary school. I feared that our innocent friendship would end when we chose to attend different middle schools. Luckily our friendship didn't fall apart, it only got stronger.

When I turned 13 I became significantly more independent. Either I would stay over at Patrick's house or he would come over to mine almost every weekend. We had some other friends that would join us from time to time, but Patrick and I had a special bond.

Patrick was held back a grade, so when I was 13 he was 14. He was smart, funny, athletic, and smooth with the ladies. However I was taller, bigger, and stronger. At least I thought I was bigger...

I have always been a modest guy, where as Patrick was far from modest. When we were in 8th grade, I was hanging out at Patrick s house. His parents had gone out to see a movie or something. We were just hanging out watching tv in his parent's bedroom when he got up to go take a shower. I was still sitting there when he came through his parents bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked over to me and flashed his dick and balls. That was the first time I had seen another dude's junk. It immediately made me uncomfortable, because I definitely didn't have what he had. His dick was way bigger than mine, and it hung from his waist. The strangest thing to me at the time was his large black bush that engulfed his crotch. Why didn't I have that much hair? Why is my penis smaller than his? Why did he even show me his penis? I made nothing of it, pushed him out of the way, and told him to take his shower.

A few months later we hung out again at his house. Like usual his parents went out on the town. Patrick and I played video games, ate snack foods, etc. I went up to go to the bathroom and I noticed this book that explained puberty and sexual progressions to teenagers. I had had the "birds and the bees" talk from my father. But he never told me about one of the items discussed in this book.... Masturbation. I asked Patrick what masturbation was, and he chuckled because he thought I was joking. But I was serious. No one had ever enlightened me. I had heard other guys at school talking about masturbation but never had the nerve to ask them. Patrick and I were close friends, so I took this opportunity to ask him about masturbation.

"Patrick, can I ask you a question about one of the things in this book?" I asked.

"sure" he said.

"what is masturbation?"

He gave some sort of vague explanation that was honestly more confusing than helpful. What happened next was what shocked me. He stood up and said, "let me just show you." As I learned a few months earlier, Patrick had no problems showing me his man meat. Take off your clothes, he said. I was so eager to learn about masturbation, but I was ashamed to show Patrick my small teenage penis. He ensured me that he didn't care what my penis looked like. He knew that he had already progressed through much of puberty, where as I hadn't. I dropped my pants and tshirt and sat on the couch in my boxers next to my naked friend. Patrick's penis slowly started to grow from arousal. When I know people are looking at my penis I get aroused too. His penis that already looked big, got even bigger. He wrapped his small hands around his huge cock and started rubbing it slowly, teasing his glans with his thumb. (Both my and Patrick's cocks were circumcised) He went on for a few minutes slowly rubbing his large teenage sausage, starting to moan and breathe heavier. Then he stopped and looked at me and said "Make sense?"

"um I guess... is that it?" I asked.

"Oh it's not over yet. Why don't you take off your boxers and get started, and I'll show you how to finish."

I shed my boxers to release my now hard dick. I was probably 4.5-5 inches long at 14. Where as Patrick was easily 6 inches at 15. I started to rub my dick, just like Patrick was rubbing his. Patrick gave me a few suggestions like to play with my glans and to hold my balls and gently massage them. Patrick started stroking his cock again. This time faster with more intensity. I was so focused I almost missed the real surprise. I glanced over when he let out a very loud moan and a white liquid that almost looked like spit came flying out of his cock! It hit him on the neck and some landed in his belly button. I was so confused.

"What just happened?"

"That was an orgasm. This is what a man ejects into a woman to have a kid.(referring to his cum)"

Patrick encouraged me to keep rubbing. He told me that I could have an orgasm too. And about 1 minute later, I did. Being my first time, I didn't understand how to resist the orgasm to make it even stronger and more pleasurable, but it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. There was an awkward silence as Patrick watched me finish and process what had just occurred. The rest of the night was kinda strange and awkward, but Im really glad that Patrick taught me a wonderful skill.

A few years later when I was in high school, I was 16 and Patrick was 17 he came over to my house. It had probably been a year since we had slept over at one of our houses. We went to different high schools and were making new friends, so I was hard for me to keep up with him. We did the normal guy stuff, then when it was time for bed we played an game of Truth or Dare. We played that whatever you truthed or dared the other person, you had to do it too. Things started out easy... but let me cut to the chase. Patrick said "alright, I have the final dare. I dare you to stroke my cock." Obviously he knew that he would also have to stroke mine.

By the way, I had really progressed and matured from our previous encounter. I was a bit taller, had more hair everywhere, deeper voice, and most importantly I had a bigger cock. I had grown to about the length of Patrick's 6 incher.

Patrick stripped and came over near me so that I could stroke his cock. I stroked for about a minute then asked if he was going to return the favor. I then stripped all my clothes and presented him with my rock hard cock. He wrapped his had around my cock and his eyes got wide. My cock may not have been as long as Patrick's, but it was definitely thicker. He commented on on how he couldn't fully wrap his hand around it and how it looked like it had grown significantly since we first saw each other's cocks back in 8th grade. He stroked mine for a minute then we both got up and went to the bathroom.

I told him that I occasionally like to kneel in front of the toilet bowl so that I don't make a mess with my cum. We then were stroking our own cocks over the toilet. About 90 seconds later I was ready to cum. Patrick gave me a nod and barely uttered "Here I go"

We then, like clockwork, released our massive loads at the same time Cum flew and struck the back of the toilet bowl, some almost hitting in mid air. By far my biggest and most pleasurable orgasm ever. The stroking slowed and the moaning and heavy breathing dissipated. Some of our cum stuck to the inside of the toilet bowl, and it took two flushes to get all of our cum down.

Patrick and I don't see each other any more. We got new friends and went to different colleges.

I am now 21 years old, 6'2" 190lbs with a 6.5 inch dick(7 when I'm extra horny). Even though I am straight, I enjoyed those teenage years with Patrick and some of my male cousins when I got to learn so much about masturbation and sex.



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