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Fun Times With My Best Friend

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masturbating with your best friend is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do!


My best friend Sean and I were on a weekend campout with our youth group when my new fascination with his cock began, Sean and I had been friends for about nine months he was 15 and I was 17)

Anyway, at the campground bathhouse Sean was just coming out of the shower stall, when he saw me and we chatted for a couple minutes. The next thing I know his bathing suit slides down a little bit and I see the very top portion of his pubic hair, his pubes were somewhere in the middle stages of development, not too dense and bushy, but just good enough to cover his skin down there)

After I saw some of his manhood, he quickly pulls his bathing suit up,

I thought about asking him to play a game of 'I'll show you mine, if you show me yours' but I was too tired and dirty to play.

After the camping trip, I had realized that I missed a golden opportunity to see him naked and jack off together, but a couple of weeks later he spent the night at my house and thats when things really heated up. At our sleepover, first we watched a dating show special about on TV for an hour, and then we played some baseball video game, that was when I used a line from the TV Show and asked him 'Sean, do you play with your palm-pilot?'

He said 'Yes, do you?' I (happily) said 'Yes!' I was so excited to find out that he wacked off, and this led to about 30 minutes of Q and A between us asking 'How big is your cock?' and 'When did you first cum?' that sort of thing.

Before long it was time to ask the big question, 'I'll show you my dick, if you show me yours' Sean said 'okay sure' we then debated about who would go first, and Sean agreed, he then unbuckled his pants and lowered his boxers down to just under where his dick and balls met, my cock which was already fully erect and yearning to get out of my pants almost squirted cum when I saw Sean's beautiful cock!

I could tell he was horny from our sex talk as his cock was sticking straight out from his body and he had a mid-range erection, I was so amazed that he was so fully developed down in his 'happy area' because he was two years younger than me and I thought his pieces weren't grown all the way yet. His cock was 7 inches long the same as mine, but his width was about 2.5 inches, a full inch bigger than mine

While I had misjudged his pubic hair on our camping trip two weeks ago, his hair was a lot more thick and dense than mine. Next, I politely lowered his boxers so I could see his balls, which were the only weak thing about his 'man-package' as they were about the size of a marble one inch by one inch. My balls are two inch by two inch and are about the size of a ping-pong or a dollar store bouncy ball.

Now, after investigating Sean's items, it was my turn to bare all, Sean was really impressed with my 'big balls' and I complemented him on his thick cock and dense pubes, at this time, we started touching each other and got our cocks to swordfight each other, we also gave each other a naked hug with our cocks touching other, and the heads of our cocks both kissed.

After that we went to the next room and watched some gameshow on TV,

we masturbated ourselves in different chairs and let each other know when we were about to cum so we could watch each other shoot there sperm. I shot a bigger than expected load (probably because I was so horny from seeing the first ever cock of a person close to my age) the cum went all over my belly and nipples and a lot on my thighs and even some on my face!

Sean's spunk shot was a lot more controlled than mine and he stroked a lot slower than me, especially when he was about to cum.

All in all, it was fun new evening for both of us and there's more to cum!



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