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Fun Times With Michael - Chapter 1

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I wish I was 15 again!!


Michael was two years younger than me but we hit it off as friends right away, he would stay at my house at least once or twice a month. We both jacked off all the time, I knew it because I would catch him a few times a month finishing up after school when I came over (and he caught me too a few times). Every once and a while when Michael was stayed the night, we would take turns going to the bathroom to take care of business since we were together all weekend it was hard to find time alone to do it. So after a while we got to where we didn't care at all if the other knew what we were doing. We would just get up and say 'man I have to go jack off'. After a week or two Michael asked if we could just do it in the bed together under the sheets instead of going to the bathroom all the time. I was like sure why not I hated lying on the cold bathroom floor anyway. So we both slipped down our underwear and started to jack off. It was great for some reason my orgasm was more intense than it had been in a long time. I guess it was because of the excitement of having my best friend right next to me. We never saw each others penis' that night. But later that week I got my first chance after school when we did it again.

After about a month of jacking off with one another I worked up the courage to touch Michael. One night before we started to beating off I let my hand touch his back he didn't say anything. By now my heart was racing I ran my hand slowly up his back and as I did he kind of giggled and softly whispered for me not to stop. I then slowly ran my hand around to his belly, stopping to play with his navel. His skin was so soft and smooth. I then slowly ran my fingers along the line of his underwear. I could feel the warmth of his back against my chest, the feeling was like wildfire. I could feel his heart beating next to mine. I paused only for a second as I slowly, inch by inch, moved my hand down into his pants. Michael let out a little moan of pleasure as I slowly ran my hand through his hair down around his balls working my fingers up slowly around his cock. I could feel the moisture on his skin as I started to stroke it up and down. Michael then rolled over and slid his hand across my chest. The feeling was great as his hands ran over my body slowly making his way into my underwear. He started to work my cock up and down. I had been jacking off since I was in fifth grade but this was the first time since I learnt how that someone had helped me out, I had forgotten just how good it felt to have someone else touch you. I told Michael to pull down his underwear so I could stroke it for him. I could feel the heat in the room rising as our bodies touched. I jerked him off for about five minutes before he started to moan while his whole body stiffened from the orgasm growing inside of him. I was almost afraid that when he came he was going to wake my parents up from his moaning. Then it started to happen first just a little came out but before I knew it my whole hand was covered in it. Then he slowly started to pull away from me because he was starting to get really sensitive.

We took a few minutes to rest and then he started touching me. My little prick was already moist with precum from earlier so when he started working it. He was really good at it just told him to slow down a little bit cause I didn't want to cum too fast the feeling was great. I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had that night from jacking off. After we were done we laid in the bed touching each others body slowly. We talked about how long both of us had wanted to try this out but were afraid of what the other would think. I asked him if he had ever thought about doing more with a guy just to see what it felt like. Michael just smiled at me as he grabbed my dick. I didn't loose my virginity that night but it was not long after that we both found about the other pleasures our bodies had to offer.



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