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Fun Times With Friends

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After school one day my two friends and I drove to the drugstore to get some sodas. On the way there one of my friends, Tim, said his parents were going away on a trip over night and we should sleep over. We all agreed and called our parents to tell them our plans. When we got to the drug store I had a great idea I went to the condom isle by myself and got a tube of jelly lube and a box of condoms. I paid for them and met the guys out at the car.

We drove to Tim's house and went in. His parents had already left so me, Tim and Kyle, (the third friend) went up to Tim's room. We watched TV for a while and played video games. Once it started getting dark we started getting restless. All three of us had masturbated in front of each other before and when we planned this night, that's what was going through all our minds.

This is the point when I pulled out the lube and condoms. They were both surprised and excited. I even saw a little twitch in Kyle's athletic shorts. We all decided the best place to jerk off would be Tim's bathroom, which is large, but only has one window that we can cover with his blinds. We went into the bathroom and covered the window and turned on all the lights. We then started to get naked. Tim went first, he pulled off his t-shirt and shorts then his boxers, his light brown pubic hair covered his flaccid pink penis and very large testicles as we watched Tim's penis began to become erect. The circumcised head of his cock grew large and turned darker shades of red. Within 30 seconds his penis was fully erect and stood parallel with the ground and about six and a half inches long.

Seeing this made me become very hard, so I began to take off my clothes, as I took off my boxers my seven inch penis shot out from under my waistband and bobbed in the air. I have black pubes and medium sized balls. I am circumcised and the head of my penis is rather small but can become large as I get more excited. Finally Kyle took off his clothes revealing his very thick penis shaft and large balls. The head of his dick looks small compared to his shaft girth but is larger than my own. His pubes are almost blonde and kind of sparse.

We stood there for a while and compared each other's penises commenting on size and color, mine being the pinkest, and Kyle's being the tannest. Tim's was kind of reddish in color. My cock was the longest but Kyle's was the thickest. We then sat in a circle and compared our balls, feeling each other's. We laughed at how Tim's balls sucked up into his stomach just before Kyle touched them. I took out the jelly lube and the condoms to try out. None of us had ever put one on or even knew how really, so we read the directions and rolled them onto our stiff members.

It was fun trying them on and it made all of us very horny. I could feel precum leaking out of my peephole, I mentioned it to the guys and they said they were precuming to. We then put some lube on the condoms and began to stroke away, as I got closer to coming I showed the guys a new trick I learned. I leaned over to Tim and pushed my second knuckle into a spot just below his balls but above his butt hole, he moaned and the tip of the condom filled with his cum. I then leaned over to Kyle and did the same. Again his condom tip turned white and he shook and twitched in pleasure as his penis throbbed.

I lay back down on my back and again resumed stroking thinking only of the two ejaculations I just witnessed, the clear precum was making my condom slide over my glans shooting intense electric shocks through my crotch. Kyle moved near me and lightly cupped and massaged my balls as I felt an orgasm begin to build. I could feel the semen flow under my shaft and explode out of the tip of my cock. After a while I looked up and Tim and Kyle were just recovering and were begging to take off there condoms, so I took mine off too.

We compared the amount and color of our semen, mine was the whitest and I had the least. Kyle had the most and it was more clear than mine while Tim had the middle amount and was almost a little yellow. I had a great idea, I told them that we should all switch condoms so we did. I took Kyles and let his semen flow into my hand and onto my cock. I then began to stroke again taking the hint from me, the other two did the same, the smell and slickness of Kyle's cum made me ejaculate in seconds. Tim came a little after me and Kyle a little after Tim. We then took showers together and washed the jizz off of each others balls and cocks. We ended up staying up until around five masturbating each other, it was awesome.



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