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Fun on the Tractor!

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Reading the long story about 'Feathers' submitted by a female, I remembered something from over 40 years ago that I'd forgotten, so don't apologize for long stories!


I was summertime and the weather was hot in the Central States. Dad had asked me to go harrow or chisel or disc or springtooth a field that he was renting a mile and a half away. There was a farm across the road and I knew the people. They were friendly neighbors, but we didn't see them a lot. It was a row crop tractor which means that the front wheels are close together, the rear wheels are large, and the steering wheel sticks straight out towards the driver. A standard wide front end tractor has the steering wheel horizontal which does not lend itself well to having fun at all because a person has to sit on the smaller tractors.
As I said, it was hot that day and my whole butt got sweaty sitting on the tractor seat, so I stood up as many farmers often do when their butts get tired or hot. So standing was nothing unusual. However, somehow my crotch touched the steering wheel! The vibrations felt great! Oh, I can still remember it now after reading 'Feathers' long story! I like long stories that give lots of details, rather than just quick ones, because when reading the short ones I don't have time to finish pumping to ejaculation and have to find another one, which is distracting.
As I said, the vibrations felt great! I looked over to our neighbor's farm yard to see if someone was working in the yard, and he was hooking up his tractor to some field implement. I DO remember that I enjoyed the feeling I was getting from the vibrating steering wheel on the tractor and stood close to it for longer periods of time as I felt more comfortable that the neighbors were not watching. The field was about a quarter mile long so I had to back away from the steering wheel at the ends so I could corner and then go back to pressing against the steering wheel again, loving the vibrating on my firm prick, as we called it in those days!
I was in high school and had been playing with myself since the 7th grade after an 8th grade boy showed me how, so I very well knew what would happen if I kept up the good feelings long enough! I didn't care if I soaked my shorts and jeans because they'd dry long before I finished working the field and headed for home. So I held my crotch against the steering wheel so I could feel the vibrations. I kept looking over to the neighbor's yard and the lady came out to work in her flower garden a while. She may have noticed what I was doing because she went in after only a little while. She probably went in to watch me, but I thought I was safe, so I again put my crotch to the vibrating steering wheel to enjoy the vibrations!
Having been cautious when he was outside and having backed away from the steering wheel when she was in her flower garden, I could hardly wait to get on with the fun! It was great! Not being major vibrations, just gentle ones, the vibrations kept getting me more and more excited! This was great because I didn't have to do anything, just enjoy the great feelings as they kept building!
After the 8th grade boy showed me hot to pump out a drop of white Love Juice when I was in grade school, I'd pump so long that my arms ached just to get out only one drop of white cream, so each drop was very precious because I'd had to work so hard to get it to come out! So this was a totally new experience with hands off and I loved it! Perchance you've noticed that I've been giving other details. That's intentional, because it took a while back then, so why rush it now!
Being interrupted then by having to turn at the ends, I leaned onto the steering wheel again for the long stretch. Each round kept getting better and better and I was headed north towards a row of trees just across the road from our neighbor's farm when it happened! My internal organs started getting all congested and started pumping and I could feel the jism ready to burst from my ticklish head! When the sperm started gushing I felt like jumping sky high, but couldn't let go of the steering wheel!
It felt to fabulous to have a gushy orgasm without using my hands at all that I was absolutely on top of the world! I had to do all I could to keep my hands on the steering wheel and not jump off the tractor and run around naked, screaming to tell the world how great I felt! Oh, I remember after all these years how exhilarated I was! I was so weak that I sat down! It was fantastic! My jeans were literally soaked! They had a BIG round wet spot right in front in the crotch area! Everything was all squishy in my jeans for a long time, whether I stood up or sat down! The gooshy cum ran down around my balls and clear into my crotch and everything was totally squishy! Needless to say, I forgot all about the day being hot! I just enjoyed the feeling and exulted in how it had happened without using my hands!
Orgasm is wonderful to help a person get over the rough spots in life! The body triggers some chemical that acts as a pain killer that keeps any painful feeling away for a long time, so I say tickle yourself whenever something is not going well! Whether physical or psychological pain, chase it away naturally! No need for drugs, whether over the counter or illegal drugs, and no need for alcohol to dull the frustrations, just tickle and tickle and tickle to your heart's content until you hit the top! Stay there a while and just let the world go by! Forget about the world. Nothing else matters. Let your feelings take over and give you a bunch of thrills that last the rest of the day or for several days -- OR until you feel the urge to tickle again in an hour!
I say special thanks to 'Feathers' for helping me remember after all these years! I don't know what it was in your story, but it was long enough to help me remember! Probably what triggered my memory was your no hands approach to orgasm that helped me remember my own no hands experience! Thanks! and Thanks to everybody who keeps this site exciting! and special. Thanks to our webmaster for being so gracious!
I almost forgot to say that anything today that vibrates still causes good feelings whether it is the clothes washer spinning in high gear or anything else! Try it and I hope you like it!



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