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Fun on the road

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This was the first time I really had the nerve to touch a girl, and boy did I really take a lot of chances.


The summer after I turned 16, I went on a church group trip to an amusement park in a neighboring state. The bus ride was a long three hours one way. And, we all had a great time riding the rides and just having fun wandering around the park.

While we were there I took an interest in one of the girls who had also come along with one of her friends on the trip, I'll call her K. We spent the day together, and along the way we would steal kisses while waiting in line for the different rides. And she was very attractive. She stood about 5' 7" and had large breasts.

Well, after the park closed we all loaded up onto the bus and K and I sat in a seat together. It was well after dark and we sat about midway back on the bus. As we were driving along, K makes the first move and I feel her hand slide straight to my crotch, and instantly my dick was hard. I took the hint and started to move my hand along her leg. She slides her legs open and gives me access to the loose fitting leg of her shorts. I slid my fingers up into the leg of her shorts and her panties are way beyond soaked. I run the tip of my fingers the entire length of her slit and she shudders.

I know what she wants, but I get a little greedy and slide my hand out of her shorts. She looks at me puzzled, and then she catches on as my hand slides under her shirt towards her breasts. But she surprised me, somehow before I had sat down she had already undone the clasp of her bra. My hand slid easily onto her naked breast and her nipples feel like they are large hardened erasers as I lightly pinched them for the first time. I look around the bus, to see if anyone is watching and see that no one seems to be awake. Plus the seats are kind of high backed, so we have a little more cover to fool around.

Looking back at her, K sees the all clear in my eyes and slides her t-shirt up to reveal her breasts. She beckons me closer and pulls my head toward her nipple, encouraging me to suck it into my mouth. This time she slides her hand up the leg of my shorts and onto my cock. I stop sucking her nipple and slide my hand back into the leg of her shorts and move her soaked panties to the side. I have to admit that at this point in my life I had no idea what to do to pleasure a woman, but I tried my best for about 10 minutes until she stops my hand and places it in her clit and whispers to me what to do.

So after her instructions, I start to circle her clit with the tips of two fingers. I am soon encouraged by her very soft moans and gasps as I carried on with my movement. By this time she had stopped touching my penis and focusing on what she was having done to her. I did from time to time dip my fingers deep into her pussy to gather more of her juices to continue my touching.

About 10 minutes after her course correction, K tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide. I feel her thighs clamp down on my hand and she starts shaking slightly. After about five minutes she lets go of my hand and we meet in a deep kiss. After she had cum, it seemed like my luck of getting a return favor was not going to happen. People started moving around, and we started hitting the lights of the cities and people started waking up and talking. When we got to our final destination, before we parted ways we traded phone numbers and that led to her eventual repayment for her pleasure and some other stories that I may share later. Enjoy



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