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Fun on the Bus

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We were going on a trip with a group of college and young folks. In the back of the bus, the next to the last row of seats that we occupied faced the rear of the bus. This allowed a group of 4 or 5 to sit together, face each other and socialize. It gave my girlfriend and me the opportunity to masturbate each other.

As the bus rolled down the interstate, I was sitting upright in a seat and my girlfriend was kicked back perpendicular to me laying back on a pillow or tow on the armrest, with a blanket over us. Her butt was on the seat with her feet on an armrest and her knees up in the air. After some time of just casual conversation among the group, I suddenly felt her hand on my crotch. Within a few seconds, I had a hardon which she continued to rub through my warm up pants. I was not expecting this, even though what she was doing was hidden by the blanket covering us. A few seconds later, I felt a tug on the drawstrings on my pants. OMG!! I can't believe she's doing that! A few moments later she slid her hand down my pants and started to massage my dick. I couldn't believe it! As you can imagine, it was something to have this going on while talking to friends in the seat opposite us.

Taking a cue from her action, I slid a hand underneath her sweatshirt and started to massage her breasts, getting turned on-and harder-as I felt her nipples start to harden. After a few minutes of this, I figured that if she was going to get a hand in my pants, I might as well try to get one in hers. So I moved my hand down her stomach and rubbed her stomach for a bit. Gradually I moved down to the waistband on her sweatpants. I started to slide the tip of one finger underneath the band to see if I would get any response to indicate not to proceed.

She didn't make any reaction other than to grab my cock and squeeze slightly, so I gradually moved my hands down into her panties. My heart raced as my hand reached her nice, wide bush. I ran my fingers through the hair between her legs and softly massaged her thighs. As I was exploring her, her hand was was still down in my pants roaming over my balls, through my pubic hairs and up and down my boner.

Then I proceeded to moved two fingers down between her legs. I moved them down the folds of her pussy toward her ass. As I made the 'return trip', I inserted my fingers into the lips of her cunt. She slightly parted her legs to allow me better access. By this time I was leaking pre-cum and she had discovered this. I almost couldn't stand it as she took her thumb and massaged the liquid all over the head of my cock. I returned the favor by inserting my fingers into her pussy and starting to explore. It wasn't long before she was soaking wet on the inside.

As I continued to move my fingers in and out of her, it wasn't long before I felt an orgasm building within my body. What was I going to do? Since I had no way to tell her I was about to come and I didn't know what her reaction would be if I came all over her hand-after all, there were other people around and we didn't want them to know-I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and pulled her hand out of my pants. A few seconds later I exploded in my warm-up pants. What a bus ride!



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