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Fun on Business Trip

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I had always fantasized about something happening on a business trip. And it finally happened - only with a guy!


I'm a 47 yr old middle level executive who travels on business once every few momths. Typically these trips are to attend conferences. This past March I was in Seattle at a conference, and after making the rounds to various exhibit booths on the third day, I decided to take a shower and grab some dinner in the hotel restaraunt where I was staying. The two colleagues I had been traveling with left the prior evening, so I was on my own.

As I wandered into the restaraunt and asked for a table for '1' (Generally I hate eating alone, although I'm a pretty introverted guy), I heard my name being called. I turned my head and saw a gentlemen named Mike who I had spent time talking to at one of the exhibit booths waving me towards him. Glad to not have to eat alone, I went to his table and sat down.

Mike worked for a vendor our company did a small amount of business with, and this was the first time I had ever met him. He was a relaxed guy, young (probably in his early 30s), very fit and tan. Typical sales guy, but a nice personality and someone good to shoot the bull with for an hour over a meal and a couple of drinks.

We talked a bit about business before we ordered, and then as we waited for our meals our conversation drifted to our personal lives. We talked about family (me: married 19 years, 2 kids, him: single and no girlfriend) and sports, and we found common interests in some of the teams we followed, particularly football. After a good meal and some good wine we decided to hang at the bar for a few more drinks.

As we laughed and shared stories, Mike casually mentioned that he'd been without a girlfriend for almost 6 months (the breakout with his ex was ugly he said...) and that it had been a while since he 'got some'. I laughed and said that I was in the same boat and that things get stale after so many years of marriage. He commented that he knew what we would BOTH be doing when we got back to our rooms, and laughed as he made a quick up and down motion by his crotch with his closed hand. We bantered back and forth, and then settled into some surprisingly frank talk of our sexual likes and dislikes. More open, I was thinking, than I had ever been with anyone, much less a stranger.

After another hour of shooting the breeze, watching the ballgame on the bar tv and some drinks, I mentioned I was tired and was heading up to my room. He started to rib me about being horny and having to take care of himself, and I went with the flow and (I thought) joking said yeah I have to take care of business NOW. He looked at me with a glint in his eye, leaned forward smiling, and said it's to bad I'm married or otherwise we could 'help each other out'. Now, I had occassionally fantasized about being with a guy (we all have, admit it fellas!) and even had a few experiences as a young teenager (again, many of us have) but had never, ever had the opportunity to act on it. Something came over me (maybe a few hours at the restaraunt helped...) and I said maybe we could help each other out, and asked him his room number. He smiled, took out a pen and wrote it on a napkin. He said good night and headed to the elevators and was gone.

I was scared, horny, nervous, anxious - did I mention horny? - all at the eame time. Before I could chicken out, I went straight to the elevators and up to the fourth floor to 4113. My hands shaking slightly I knocked on the door. Mike answered quickly and without saying anything stood aside to let me in.

He had already unbuttoned his dress shirt, revealing a slim but toned torso, with very little hair. I stammered something about being nervous, and he laughed and said he was too. We kind of stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, and Mike flipped on the TV to break the silence and tension. My cock was already 1/2 hard and I was more curious and horny then nervous, so I looked at him and let out a loud laugh and said, 'Ah, what the hell' and began to undress. In less than a minute we were both down to our underwear (me boxers, him boxer-briefs) and our erections were both obvious. I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my socks, and Mike sat next to me (there was one bed, a king) and did the same. Before I could hesitate, Mike placed his hand on my thigh and just rubbed it up and down. It felt great. I did the same to him, and it didn't take long for our hands to wander to each others cocks. A little stroke through our underwear wiped away the nervousness and fear, and we both kicked them off to be completely naked.

I had never 'admired' a guy or saw them as sexy, but Mike was built very nice. Great defined abs, strong pecs and shoulders, and a rather long yet thing circumsized cock surrounded by a surprising small and light tuft of pubic hair. What struck me was my attraction to his ass; it was round, oh so smooth, and firm. I couldn't wait to touch it.

Me, on the other hand, being 47 and a desk jockey, am not in great shapre. I carry about 25 extra pounds, am 'husky' and moderately hairy. My cock is pretty average (5.5' cut) but rather thick.

I liked the way Mike's cock angled back towards his stomach, and I gently pushed him to make him lie back. As I did so he strectche his arms over his head to give me full access to his body. I grabbed hold of his cock and started to slowly stroke him, causing him to moan. I used my other hand to couch and caress his balls, and he quietly said how good it felt to be touched. I leaned over and began kissing his chest, sucking on his nipples, and then kissing his stomach. His hands roamed my back and occassionally caressed my ass. I was horny beyond belief, and I maneuvered myself so my face was right by his cock. I slipped him in my mouth bit by bit (couldn't take the whole thing) and tasted his muskiness, and it was warm, and his pre-cum was salty. I LOVED it.

I worked him for a few minutes, before he told me to stop because he didn't want to cum yet. He had me stand, and he moved behind me. He pressed his cock against me, first on my hip, then sliding up and down my ass crack. As he stared to hump me, his hand snaked around and stroked my cock, and his chest pushed against my back, and he was kissing and nuzzling my neck. I turned my head towards him, and our mouths found each other. We were kissing! In all my fantasies I NEVER thought about kissing a guy, but in the heat of the moment, his hard cock sliding against me, his hands wandering my body, it felt right, and it felt good....

We stopped after a moment, and I told him I wanted to stand behind him. I quickly planted my cock against his gorgeous buns, and I was so slick with pre-cum I was sliding up and down his crack in no time, and now MY hands were all over HIS hody. I don't know how I didn't come right then and there, but I held back. I stopped, knelt behind him, and began caressing his ass with my hands and kissing and gently biting it. He was moaning alot now, stroking his cock faster as I played with his ass. He slowly by distinctly bent forward, exposing his anus to me. Again, my horniess took over and my fingers found there way there, teasing his asshole as I kiesed all around it, then sliding my index finger ever so slowly, then working it in and out. Mike was in franzy at this point, masturbating furiously, and then announed he was going to cum. I told him to turnaround and he stroked his cock while it was inches from my face. I encouraged him to shoot, and was at this point also stroking my cock for all it was worth. Mike grented and flipped his hips forward, and let out several long streams of milky white semen. I turned my head slightly (didn't want it in my face) and he dropped most of his load all over my neck and chest. His orgasm last about 45 seconds, with tons of cum dribbling and oozing out after the initial volleys.

He was spent, but I was now on the edge. I again stood behind him, and he obligingly leaned foward, forming a perfect place for me to rub my cock on his ass. I slid it faster and faster, humping him for all I was worth (I REALLY wish I could have put it in him, but don't think he nor I was ready to go there...) I clutched his hips and pressed forward, groaning, letting loose with a series of ejaculations that I hadn't seen for some time. At least 4 sold streams arched up and onto Mike's back, and more oozed onto and dribbled down his left ass cheek.

Afterwards it was a tad awkward. We'd shot our loads, our horniness was dininished, and things were just, well, different. We dressed mostly in silence (Mike was good enough to hand me a towel to mop up the cum out of my chest hair lol) we shook hands and I headed back to my room. We only saw each other once the following morning on the last day of the conference and simply waved and nodded at each other. It was a GREAT experience and one I hope happens again some day.



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