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Fun on a Summer's Night

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This is an interesting story that I hope you all like.


We sat alone in the room, illuminated by as little light as a midnight sky in October. I laid quietly on my side of the bed, blanket at the foot of the bed as it was too hot to use it tonight.. It was far to hot to use anything tonight, thus the reason we lay here naked awaiting our late night visit from Mr Sandman. My back to you, I feel the mattress move as you toss and turn on your side of the bed.

I heard you breathe loudly, letting out a frustrated sigh. I know baby, It's a very hot night, and the thoughts of you naked on the other side of me are pumping through my bones. You must be feeling it too as I sense you nearing me.

You reached around, hand slowly tracing my leg bone from my knee to my pelvis, dragging your gorgeous pink nails slightly along, sliding lower and finding an erect surprise for you. You slid your hand over my cock, playing with the remains of pubic hair that had grown back from last months shave. You are in a playful mood tonight, I like it. You wrap your hand around my shaft, pulling lightly at the skin as I rollover to meet our tongues. We kiss passionately as my hand runs up your arm, and down your side, around your breasts for a few slight grabs but more the caressing of your soft pink nipples. They're hard now and staring me down, like hungry puppies looking for food and a warm place to stay. I got the place and you know it as I lick my way down to each nipple and inhale like it was my last breath. My tongue encompassed your areola and gently flicks your nipple while you continue to gently stroke my cock..

My hand lowers and runs down your hip, down your right leg and pulls it on top of my right leg, slightly over my hip and your hand and comes up on your inner thigh. Oh the heat is immense as I feel your wetness in that fertile valley. I want it, I want to make it mine. Your legs spread as my fingers enter your vagina. The moisture encompassing my fingers. You been wanting this for a while and I can tell the way your breathing is heavier now. My tongue still tracing your nipples, now working your other breast. You grip slightly tighter as my fingers begin sliding in and out of you, slowly at first but now working faster. Working in and out of your lips and moving toward the mother of all areas. I feel your clitoris, I know what you want me to do and how you want me to work it.

You want it bad, you await that orgasm and I await your cum. There is nothing like seeing you satisfied and I know that but you know me. I need to make you wait, you need to feel it in every bone in your body and I'm going to make damn sure that happens. I abandon your tit and start kissing your neck, working it like a man who hasn't had sex in years. You feel me sucking and teasing your neck, playfully nibbling as I work my way up to your ear lobes. My fingers circling your clitoris in a clockwise fashion, slow at first then fast, then slow. Constantly changing in a routine pattern, you pump my cock faster and harder now. I feel your heart beating with every moan you release. Our hearts beat as one as you go crazy!

You turn your head and take it no more as you kiss me furiously and passionately, sucking on my tongue as I lick the insides of your mouth. My cock encouraged more by the feeling of your soaking pussy at my fingertips, there for the taking. I pump my hand faster now, in more of a circular motion and orgasm begins to take hold. You pull away from my mouth and say, 'right there, right there' and I pump faster, my hand moving around while adding just enough pressure to stimulate but not hurt. My hand cycling faster than a washing machine cycle, clockwise, when I suddenly switch to counter clockwise, increase the pressure and cycle faster and your moan tells me I've done right, you moan loudly in my ear, 'I'M CUMMING IM CUMMING' as you pump my penis faster and harder. I can feel it building in me as well. It's welling up in my testicles. You begin kissing me like there is no tomorrow. Moaning in my mouth as you devour my tongue. I can feel your screams of passion within me as you release wave after wave of orgasmic energy. I feel I'm ready to explode and scream 'Ohhhhh baby.. I'm cumming'. You pump faster but the orgasm has overtaken you. You're coming down now and I take over my own pumping, you tell me to come on you. You want my semen and I more than oblige. I pump harder and tightly, my hand moving swiftly up my hard shaft and down and I spew. The first load landing on your upper leg as we lay side by side, the next on your stomach.

You're loving it like a lotion of life it sits there and you touch it. Still breathing heavily you bring your fingers to your mouth and lick it off. Tasty you say, with a devious smile aimed right at me. Our eyes meet and we huddle close. We kiss once more and I hug you and you wrap your arms around my shoulder as you feel me lean over to your ear and whisper I love you. We continue to kiss for a brief moment, I'm enjoying the taste of your lower crimson lip. I lay back on the bed as we giggle with joy for what we've just done. You're right hand slides it's fingers into my left hand as we lay there worn out, looking at the ceiling. Catching our breath. I love you baby, I love you.



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