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Fun Night With Counsin

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Several years ago, when I was 16, I was 'babysitting' my 9 yr old cousin while our parents went out for the night. She was over at our house, and since our parents wouldn't be getting home until late, the plan was for her to sleep over for the night. Mom/Dad/Aunt/Uncle left about 6 o'clock and I fixed us a quick dinner of hotdogs and beans, which we ate while watching TV.
Mary was a good kid, and we got along well - I'd known her since she was born. She always looked at me kinda like a big brother. She was really energetic, and very curious, and was always asking me questions about everything under the sun. She was a cute kid, with long blonde hair and lots of dimples. But she was just a kid, and I had never thought about her as a 'girl' before. Besides, I was interested in girls my age, who were developing the bodies of women. In short, I was perpetually horny.
After dinner we cleaned the kitchen and went downstairs. Mary wanted to play my Playstation games, which was fine by me because I wanted to go on the computer and - what else - look at porn. The TV Playstation was in the rec room, which was right next to the office where our computer was, and there was a large double door that connected the 2. I made sure she was settled and playing, and then closed the doors and instantly went to some of my favorite sites. She was only about 10 feet away, but with the doors closed I thought I was safe. I was wrong.
Within just a few minutes the doors flew open. I had a picture up of a girl on a bed in just her panties, playing with herself, and a naked guy next to her stroking his dick. I was of course hard and had my hand in my lap playing with myself thru my shorts. As soon as I heard the door open I tried to close down the screen, but it was up for at least 2-3 seconds, which was plenty of time for her to see what I was doing.
'What do you want!' I shouted a little because I was scared.
She said, 'Playstation froze and I wanted you to help me fix it. What are you doing?' Mary was looking directly at my crotch, and my very evident hard-on.
'NOTHING!' I got up and moved towards her, and I could feel my cock pointing straight out against my shorts. I was very embarrassed. Before I could push past her she said, 'You were looking at dirty pictures! Why do boys look at stuff like that - it's disgusting'.
'You don't understand,' I told her. 'You will when you're older. It's kinda fun to look at the stuff. You'll find out in a couple of years.' I figured I was talking my way out of this.
'I wanna see'. Shit. Now what should I do? 'Please,' she said. 'I won't tell anyone'.
I thought if I let her see and made her promise that it would be cool, and I wouldn't get in trouble.
'OK, but only for a minute. You're really too young to see this kinda stuff.'
I sat back down at the PC and maximized the window. Despite not wanting to be in front of my little cousin, I was hard again in about 5 seconds. And, her being her, she had a ton of questions.
'What is she DOING? Why is her hand there? Are all boys things that big? Why is he pulling it like that? Why is he naked?' And on and on and on...
I did my best to answer her questions the best I could without telling her too much, but it became increasingly difficult. I discreetly told her about erections and masturbation, in ways that were pretty vague. I found myself getting more and more aroused as I talked to her about sex; I had NEVER talked to any girl about sex at that point in my life, and the most I had done sexually was to kiss a girl when I was 14, and it wasn't even a French kiss.
'You have an erection like that man (see pointed to the screen). How come?'
'Well, um, you see guys get erections when they see naked girls and imagine doing things with them'.
'Can I see your thing?'
Oh shit. Now what. What should I tell her? I was horny as hell, and REALLY wanted to jack off, but in front of my 9 yr old cousin? What should I do? Finally, thinking more with my dick than my brain, I decided.
'Well, OK. But you have to promise on a stack of bibles you won't tell anyone. Really. Or I'll get in big trouble.'
She promised not to tell. I was shaking. I was really going to let her see my dick. I slowly worked my shorts down, and took off my shirt. I guess it was instinct, but deep down I wanted to be completely naked. I was down to my plaid boxers and my hard-on was making a very, very noticeable tent. Then I had an idea.
I said, 'Mary, I'm really nervous about taking off my clothes in front of you. Maybe I wouldn't be so nervous if you did it too. I mean, it's only fair. We'll just do it real quick, and then you can go get your pajamas on and I'll fix Playstation for you. OK?'
I guess I didn't know what she'd say. I didn't even know what I was thinking. I guess at that point the only thing I wanted was to see a real live naked girl because 1) I was so horny, and 2) I had never seen one before, and this seemed to be a perfect chance. I was only half surprised, and pleasantly so, when she said Sure!
In an instant she had her jeans unbuttoned and off. Her long tshirt covered her underpants, but I looked at her legs and noticed that even for her age they were nice; tan and full, just a little baby fat on her thighs, actually enough to make them appear more like a teenagers than a kids. Then her tshirt was gone, and she stood before me in her panties and little pink vest. I'm not sure what the vest was for, maybe it was a training bra, but she didn't have any signs of tits yet. She lifted it over her head like it was a shirt, and flung it on the floor giggling. She was standing only 2 feet away from me in her panties, which fit very snuggly and were bikini style. I remember distinctly that there was pretty lace around the waistband and leg openings, and there were little red roses in a pattern across the front. I was sitting in the chair. She was standing.
She seemed reluctant to get naked first, but I was happy to. I lifted my hips off the chair and removed my boxers, and threw them absent-mindedly across the room. Her first response as she locked in on my hard-on was 'OH MY GOD' and her hand went up in front of her mouth, her eyes were as wide as saucers. It was interesting though; instead of being shy or embarrassed and turning her head, her eyes never left my crotch.
'OK your turn,' I told her. I noticed she was blushing, I guess from seeing me naked and also because she was about to do the same. She very slowly slid her panties down, bending over at the waist and pausing in a semi-crouch to delay showing me everything. After several seconds she stood up, turned around and threw her underpants over by my boxers. As she did, I noticed that her ass was UNBELIEVABLE. It was very round, very tight and looked to me at the time like the sexiest ass in the world. As she turned back towards me her hands were clasped in front of her crotch, hiding her pussy from view.
I told her it was OK, and I started to laugh a little as I pushed my dick forward and it sprang back and slapped against my stomach. I did it several more times, which elicited first a nervous giggle and then a belly laugh from Mary. We were both getting more comfortable being naked around each other, and then I had an idea. I told her that we should have a 'Naked Night' and be that way until it was bedtime; watching TV, playing games, having a snack. She thought that was great, and I was SO excited (in more ways than one). As she relaxed, her hands moved away from her crotch and I could see her pussy for the first time; it was very smooth (no hair) and really all I could see was a soft-looking slit. I also noticed that her nipples were quite large, larger than what I thought a girl that age would have.
She quickly asked if I could fix the Playstation (which I did, naked, with the jiggle of a few connections) and she sat down and began to play. I told her she could play for 30 minutes (it was the time limit her mom had given me) and then we could go upstairs and watch TV. As she sat I continued glancing at her crotch, and I also noticed at that point I was leaking pre-cum out of the tip of my cock. I quickly moved back into the office, this time leaving the doors ajar so we could see each other through the crack. Mary became engrossed in her game, and I returned to the computer and looking at porn sites. I very much needed to come, and at that point didn't care if she saw me or not. As I found a site I leaned back in the chair and blatantly began to masturbate. It was less than a minute when I knew I was going to come. I leaned forward momentarily and glanced into the other room, and saw that Mary was concentrating on her game. I looked at her rounded ass and her lean legs as I stroked faster (not making any noise...) and came in torrents all over my arm, hand, and the carpet. I quickly took some tissues from the box next to the computer, cleaned up and went upstairs to shower (peeking in to tell Mary she had 20 more minutes).
By the time I was out of the shower, I was horny yet again. I yelled down the stairs for Mary to come up, and then went into the kitchen to make some popcorn and get us a couple of sodas (in keeping with the theme of the night I was still naked...). As I went into the living room Mary was sitting on the floor in front of the couch, clicking thru channels with the remote control. I put the bowl on the floor next to her and handed her a soda, and as she took it her hand came inches from my cock. I decided instead of sitting in the chair I would sit on the floor next to her (probably subconsciously hoping something would happen...and it did).
We chatted casually and very naturally for about 15 minutes, commenting on shows we came upon and just silly things, with neither of us showing any discomfort being naked or mentioning it. Until Mary looked at me and says 'Can I touch your thing?'
OH GOD! YES! I always wanted to have a girl touch it, but my cousin? Should I? What should I...
'I have an idea,' I told her. 'Let's play doctor. Then we can examine each other and look at each other's parts as much as we want.' She giggled and said OK. I told her since it was my idea I got to be the doctor first and she had to be the patient, and that the examining table would be my bed. She literally ran down the hall to my bedroom, with me behind her. I stopped in the bathroom and some gauze, Q-Tips, a thermometer and some Vaseline.
When I got to my room, she was lying on my bed, on her back. As I entered I pretended to be The Doctor. 'Hello Miss Jones. How are you today?' We played back and forth like that until I told her I needed to take check her heartbeat. I pretended to have a stethescope and placed my hand directly over her left breast. I felt that her nipple was hard and that excited my immensely. I then proceeded to check her reflexes, and then told her I needed to check her vagina. My heart was beating 1000 beats a minute, and I was shaking again.
'Miss Smith, please move your legs apart so I may examine you'. She spread her legs and I bent over to get my first-ever look at a pussy. I placed my fingers down there and began to feel around, not really knowing what I was doing. I asked her if she ever touched herself there, and she replied only when she was washing or when she wiped herself after she peed. As I rubbed up and down her slit, her hips began to rhythmically move back and forth and I felt that she was wet (I had heard and seen about that through my time looking at porn). The more I rubbed, the further she spread her legs apart and her labia blossomed open, and I was able to see her fully. My middle finger found her clit (which I knew was at the top of her opening) and I flicked it back and forth as I had seen guys do in porn movies. Her breathing became rapid and then her legs shot straight out and she tenses, making a little squeal and then, after a moment, she broke out laughing. She told me it felt like she peed only she didn't, and I told her that was good, that's what ladies are supposed to feel. I then told her it was time for her to examine me.
We changed places and I lay on the bed on my back, and my erection was as large and hard as it had ever been. Mary followed my lead and checked my heartbeat, then my reflexes. All the while my cock was very much in the way, and a few times she brushed against it. I suggested that she needed to take my temperature, and I flipped over onto my stomach. I had the urge to have her play with my butt and put the thermometer there, and after quite a bit of hesitation she spread apart my cheeks (I convinced her I was clean because I had just showered) and after coating it with Vaseline (per my instructions) she inserted it into my rectum. I thought I would shoot all over the sheets right then, but was able to control myself. After 2 minutes (she counted on my watch), she placed one hand on my ass and gently massaged my cheek while she removed the thermometer with the other. As she read my temperature (98.6!) I flipped back over, my hard on at full mast.
I said 'Doctor, sometimes my testicles and penis hurt. Can you check them out?' And she reached down and began to gently cup my balls.
'That feels good doctor. Could you please check my penis too?' She reached over and grabbed hold of my cock, and bent down and pretended to examine it. I told her sometimes it hurt, like it did right now, but that if I rubbed it, it felt better and white sticky stuff would come out like pee. I asked her if she could rub it to make it feel better. She began to rapidly jack my cock up and down and was squeezing WAY to hard. I grabbed her wrist and said, 'Doctor, it's better if you do it like this' and put a glob of Vaseline on her hand and showed her how to stroke it up and down. She sat on the edge of the bed, with her ass and back facing me and her face about 6 inches from my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long, and as she stroked me I began to play with her ass, rubbing it and kneading it. As I approached the point of no return I said, 'Doctor, I think the white stuff is going to come out. Keep rubbing OK?' She was giggling, not really realizing how sexually stimulating this was for me but more enjoying it as a kid's game. I groaned loudly, arched my hips and shot a thick rope of come about 2 feet up into the air. My initial spasm was met with an 'Ohhhh!' by Mary. My orgasm continued for what seemed like hours, and I ejaculated so much that my chest and stomach were drenched, and I discovered as I came back down that it was also all over Mary's wrist and hand, and that my first shot had actually hit her chin. I reached up with my sheets and quickly cleaned her and I both off. I of course felt awkward, but she, not really knowing what had happened, wanted to keep playing doctor. I half-heartedly let her finish an examination of my toes and feet, then told her we needed to shower up.
After we cleaned up we went back to watching TV (still naked...!) and I knew I needed to remind her that it was our secret and that NOBODY could ever find out. That was 4 years ago (I'm 20 now, she is 14) and it's still our secret. Mary is REALLY hot and has an amazing body (really small tits still) for her age.



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