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Fun Memories

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Love reading all the posts by the girls - who have found fun ways to get off (alone or with friends). Here's a couple fun times that I had....thought I'd share them!


i have had many fun filled nights of solo fun reading all the stories by all the girls who have found fun ways to masturbate. I as well - have had on occassions engaged in some 'fun/naughty' ways to to enjoy playing with my pussy to orgasm. Thought I'd share the 2 best ones now! Hope u like and hope more girls will post their experiences 2.
Tale #1:
This happened when I was 13 (am 15 now)...
School had just ended for summer vacation (which is July/August up here in Canada). Anyhoo - at that time, my mom was a single parent and sent me off to stay with my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins for a month 'til her holidays.
So, we get to the airport and I board the plane at the allowed time and depart for the west coast. I started reading this email my cousin had sent me about all the stuff we were gonna do, etc. She had also added a picture of the family to it. I remember thinking, 'wow - she's certainly changed since I last her (it was 4 1/2 years before, she was 9 - was 16 according to her note)!
Well - I arrived in the city that they live in and met them in the arrivals area. We got my bags and headed on.
As we driving to their house, my aunt asks me the usual (how's mom? how was school? and stuff. Then me and Jen (not real name) started talking about stuff; boys, hot actors mostly. We pulled into the yard and as my uncle is getting my stuff from the van, Jen says; they had just had a pool put in. She asked if I wanted to go for a dip - I said sure. so we headed up to change.
As we were - my aunt yelled up that they were driving Matt (not real name either), my other cousin...to his friends place and were going shopping. Jen hurried down as I slipped on my suit.
I got down & out to the pool and found jen. We swam and chatted for a while, then laid out and soaked up the rays.
I had noticed that jen had undone her bikini top at some point. She stood up and walked towards the house, saying she was getting us some drinks.
She came out and handed mine to me and I got a long look at her chest (which was well developed...compared to my little ones anyway). She just said, 'don't want tan lines' and we giggled. Nothing more was said or done!
The next day after a hike with some of her friends, we went home and had a swim b4 her parents got home. This time though, she stripped off her clothes and jumped in naked.
(was the first time I saw her nude)! I however had my bikini on under my shorts n tee and dove in. Later that night, we were in her room (she has 2 beds in it) & I had just started to fall asleep when I heard her sheets moving and she was moaning quietly....I turned over and looked at her (from the moon light coming in......I could see her hand under the covers down over her crotch and knew she was masturbating). I felt my own pussy get wet, but was afraid to do anything, as I had only done it alone before, so I went to sleep.
Well - we hung out the next morning just watching TV 'til lunch. Over which - she said; 'ya know - I saw you watching me last night and just as I looked over - you turned over and acted like you were asleep'. Well - I got totally red and was like, 'well... thought you were having a bad dream or something!' She was like, 'oh - no I was masturbating.' Here I was hearing her saying it and thinking 'I could never do it with another person in the room'. So - we ended up talking about our fun with masturbating and found we both do it like once or twice a day.
A few days later - I woke up early one morning and she was doing it again...this time, with no covers and was nude.
I was either horny or had had a sexual dream, but I started to rub my hand on the crotch of my shorts. After a bit, I slipped my hand in and started rubbing again. At one point we both looked at each other and kept at it til we both tensed and had orgasms. My aunt and uncle were hosting a company bar-b-que that night, so we never had any 'fun' - other then when we first got up. By the time the guests had left and clean up was done - we all just crashed.
The weekend was very very hot, so we just spent most of the 2 days in or close to the pool. Jen and I decided along with a couple pals of hers that we'd camp out in the back field one of her pals parents' farms. So - we packed up some stuff and headed over.
We met her pals at, Sally's (different name). She got the tent and we walked off to the field. That night (after we ate the great food her mom had brought out to us), we were sitting around by a fire and were watching the stars & chatting (boys, sex, solo fun). Well - in the end, we had all admitted to masturbating and wound up doing it together (right there - under the stars, totally naked). Repeated it the next day too! We packed up and headed home.
The next 2 weeks was spent exploring the area, seeing movies, going for a 2 day cruise on my uncle's yacht, etc.
But - of course, me & Jen, always slipped in some mutual 'fun' everyday, hehe.
My mom came out in the last week of the month and the following monday, we returned home. But - the day before, my mom and I had gone to meet an old school mate of hers for lunch and when we arrived back - aunty Kath says, 'sweety - why don't you go find Jen - I think she's by the pool, I want to have a chat with your mom.' So - I dashed up n changed into my swimsuit and ran out. Oh my, when I got out to the pool - I almost fell in......there was Jen standing in the shallow end with her arms on the edge and looked to be banging her crotch against the side. I said, 'hey there - what u up to?' She was like.....'oh - you gotta try this - get in, find a jet, remove your suit bottoms n stick your puss in front of the jet. Its awesome and the orgasm is mind-blowing.' I laughed, but did it...
Didn't feel anything tho - just powerful jets of water.
Put my bottoms on and started to swim around. I splashed her and we enjoyed our last day together.
2nd tale:
Now - we jump a few years (to now). I am 15 - my mom & her fiance bought a house this past spring and we have a pool & hot tub...which get used lots.
Anyway, besides the joys of swimming and relaxing in the hot tub...I have discovered that with past thoughts (first tale n others) that my cousin was right about the jets and getting off. I have found on many occassions the joys of humping the pool jets to orgasms and ALSO - the jets in the hot tub , will do the something...OH MY GOD... do that and you feel totally relaxed!
As it stands - I just love to swim nude or relax in the hot tub and find myself using the new pleasure toys (the jets) to get off.
Would love to read more stories from girls - who have done and share the same joys from it as I do....Keep these awesome tales coming ladies!!



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