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Fun in Wedding Tights

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When I was 17 my aunty got married and we went to stay at her house for a few days before and after the wedding. This meant that I was in the same house that the bride and bridesmaids used to get ready for the big day. On the day of the wedding I couldn't help but eye up my aunt's legs. She was about 25 at the time. She was wearing either white stocking or tights. I presumed they were stockings as this was the tradition. I had a lovely day at the wedding eyeing up all the girls in their hose and longing to try some on. My aunty went back to the house to change before they went away so I hoped that I might get to look for her underwear in the next day or so.

My chance came two days later when my family went into town and I was able to make an excuse to stay at home. Once they'd gone I sneaked into my aunt's room, my heart already pounding from the anticipation. As I walked in I saw a white ball of nylon on the floor and immediately went over and picked it up being careful not to disturb anything. As I un-ravelled the soft ball of nylon my heart leapt with joy as they pulled apart to reveal a lovely pair of white soft tights. I was so excited there and then that I stripped naked and sat down on the bed my cock already erect. I gently turned the tights the right way round as they were inside out from where my aunty had peeled them from her legs. I'd worn tights since I was twelve so I was experienced at putting them on without laddering them. These tights were around 20 denier with a single seam where the legs joined at the gusset, my favourite. I gently made a fist with my hand and pulled the first leg of the tights over it, gently forming the material into a rose bud. Pointing my toes, I slipped them into the leg of the tights and gently smoothed the material up to my knee. The material was really tight and felt so good, giving my legs a feminine look. I did the same with the other leg and then stood up so that I could ease my body into them. Just like my mum, I stood there gently switching between each leg and easing the material up to the tops of my thighs. I was already very excited and my cock was flowing with precum. I then gently pulled the waistband over my cock and arse and up to my belly button. Wow the feeling was electric. I stood on my toes and wiggled my bum so that the gusset seam of the tights slid between my arse cheeks like a second skin. Having put them on I walk around the bedroom to feel what its like to be a bride in her hose. I could hear my nylon covered legs hiss with each step I made.

As I was on a roll I looked in my auntie's knicker draw and found her black halter neck swimsuit which I'd seen her wear before. Sitting on the bed I put my hose encased feet into the leg holes of the swimsuit and stood up to pull it up over my body. As I pulled it up over me bum it stretched and moulded itself to my form. I did the straps up behind my neck and then paraded around the room in my aunties black swimsuit and white tights. The swimsuit slid against the tights with every move I made almost bringing me to orgasm. I then pull my dick out of the swimsuit before I came as I didn't want to soil my aunts tights and get caught. I then wanked and had an intense orgasm that I only get when wearing tights.

After I came I gently peeled the swimsuit and tights off making sure they were inside out as I'd found them. I them put everything back as I'd found it and left the room, totally satisfied for another day.



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