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Fun in the Woods

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My sister and I were quite close when we were growing up, out of necessity if anything, because we lived on an old farm miles from town and only had each other to play with most of the time. Karen was a little over two years older than me.

At the time of this little adventure, I was around eleven and Karen was going on fourteen in a few months. You would definately consider both of us 'Tomboys', we enjoyed the woods just past the back meadow, climbing trees and sneaking up on wildlife. Often times we'd pack a daypack with sandwiches and drinks and explore the woods the better part of a day.

One day our parents wanted us to go into town to go shopping, something we both dreaded, the drive was long and it always seemed like the day would never end. I heard Karen say something in the other room to Mom about having menstrual cramps and not up to going. I quickly followed suit saying I wasn't up to going either, and that I'd stay home and keep Karen company. Our parents didn't put up much of a fight, they were just quick to say that we were not to go in the woods.

It was a beautiful summer day and they knew the temptation would be great. We agreed that we would stay on the property. It seemed like no sooner the car was out of sight and Karen suddenly seemed hell bent on some kind of mission. She acted aggrevated with me, and told me to stop following her around.

I went outside on the back porch and sat on the steps, thinking she was not only 'crampy' but crabby as well. Minutes later she stepped out, and slinging the daypack over her shoulder, told me she was going for a little hike and not to try following her. 'I'll be back in about an hour.' she said glancing over her shoulder. I watched her as she strutted through the meadow and then walked into a small break at the edge of the woods. She was in a hurry.

I don't know why but I suspected that she had some kind of rendezvous set up with a friend, maybe a boyfriend. That's why she wasn't too keen on me staying home with her. Yet the woods were vast and there was no way actually anyone could meet someone in the woods, without being seen from our house. Curiosity got the best of me. I was going to use my tracking and stalking skills and sneak up on Karen. I had to find out what this was all about.

I made my way slowly into the woods, and entered what we called the 'Christmas tree forest', a thick grove of pine saplings that gave off the rich scent of Christmas. I figured that I could make my way deeper into the woods and watch for Karen without being seen. It didn't take long to find her.

She was sitting on the daypack, butt naked, right in the middle of the pines, leaning against an old tree stump, thumbing through a magazine lying on the ground off to her left side, and busy with her right hand on her pussy. I immediately felt my heart pounding, and a glowing in my crotch. I'd experimented a little with rubbing myself, and enjoyed the feelings, but I'd never talked to Karen about it, and certainly never thought she did it too!

Karen picked up her pace, at one point looking down at herself and cupping her pussy. I watched intently as her movements became more frantic, she turned the magazine pages faster now. I felt a wetness in my panties and started rubbing the outside of my jeans. It was feeling really good.

Karen was so involved looking down at the magazine and breathing so heavy I could hear her as I quietly made my way closer. I could now see the photos in the magazine. Women pulling their pussies open and a man looking on stroking a huge penis! I couldn't believe it. My pussy tingled at the sight of it.

Suddenly Karen started to make a low moaning sound and looking down at her pussy, started pushing her pelvis up and down while at the same time squeezing her red pussy lips between her hands. She tilted her head back, and looking up at the sky, let out a stiffled cry just as I stepped on a stick. SNAP.

'WHAT!!' Karen scrambled for her jeans next to her and held them against her pussy, all the while glaring at me. She immediately started screaming, madder than I've ever seen her. What followed was a fight like we'd never had.

'I told you not to follow, you're not supposed to go in the woods, what are you doing here!?? 'What am I doing here, what are you DOING here? 'None of your business, LEAVE!!' she screamed.

This went on for sometime, Karen was almost in tears trying to get her clothing on and mad at me for interrupting her. I insisted that she show me what she was doing, that I was going to tell Dad everything including the fact that she 'borrowed' one of his magazines. Suddenly she looked scared to death, I'd got to her. Not only did she go in the woods, she had his magazine and was doing something she would die if he found out about.

'I'll tell Mom too' I smiled, knowing I had her in the palm of my hand. 'Let me see the mag' I demanded. Karen reached over and dropped it at my feet as she sat back down on the pack. I looked through the magazine rapidly, and could not resist rubbing my pussy at the same time. I looked up at Karen. She was slowly rubbing herself as well and with a whine said 'I didn't even come all the way'. 'Come, what's that?'I asked.

Karen went on to explain what orgasms were, pointed out her swollen clitoris and told me to work my little bump, then went back to her manipulations. 'This is OUR secret,' she said,' I can't believe this, I'm so damn horny, you better not breathe a word of this to ANYONE!' 'Not a soul.' (horny?) I said pulling down my pants. I folded them at the base of a sapling and made myself comfortable facing Karen.

Karen leaned her head back as if imagining I wasn't there and quickly got back into it. Her pussy looked sunburned it was so red and swollen. I copied her movements, watching every move, and mirrored every circular movement on my clit. I was feeling REALLY GOOD! It was so exciting watching her do something so private, doing it together.

Within minutes her tension was back, I heard her juices snapping as her pussy puckered, her breathing was fast like she was running a race. 'Oh Yea, here it comes' panted Karen looking at her pussy and picking up speed. Suddenly her head snapped back and her mouth was wide open and she seemed to be holding her breath. Then she gritted her teeth, and her face turned beet red, as she frantically tore at her pussy. She moaned long and hard.

I picked up my pace as well, my pussy feeling more intense sensations, different than anything I've felt before, but not hitting that peak that Karen did. I tried for about five minutes more. Karen even tried to encourage me as she was catching her breath.

'I can't do it!' I said extremely frustrated. I felt a little twinge that I'd later learn was a mild warning of an orgasm about to blow, but I was not going to come on this day.

We gathered our stuff together and headed home. We laughed as we decided on a new name for the Christmas tree forest. 'The Come Tree Forest' it is now.' Karen said.

I did learn to get myself off within a week or so, lots of practice, just thinking of the photos in my Dad's magazine and how Karen looked as she came. We shared more secrets over the next couple of years but never played with ourselves in front of each other again.



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