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Fun in the Wilderness 2

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summer's almost over :(


Hey, it's me again. I wrote a story earlier last spring about my experiences masturbating on the lake by my house. Summer's almost over, but I had a lot of fun out on my lake.

About a week after summer vacation my 14-year-old cousin Sara and her family came over to visit for a week. Sara and I are close friends, but I rarely get to see her because she lives in California. We always talk on the phone and email each other. On the second day our parents went out to go eat somewhere and left us home alone all day. We talked about the usual girl talk, watched TV and movies.

One movie we watched was 'Slums of Beverly Hills'. During the movie there was a masturbation scene. As I watched I could feel my pussy getting wet and I noticed Sara was watching intently too. After the movie I mustered up the courage to ask Sara if she masturbated. She blushed and said yes. I glanced at her blouse and saw that her nipples were erected and clearly visible through her blouse. The conversation ended there unfortunately.

Later that night, when I was getting ready for bed, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and that kind of stuff, when I got an urge to masturbate. I sat on the toilet, masturbated and I came quick, but my orgasm wasn't that good. Then Sara knocked on the door and said she needed to go badly. I got dressed up and let her in.

I went to bed and waited for Sara to get done. Because our house is only a two-bedroom house, Sara's parents slept in the living room on a pullout bed and I shared a bed with Sara. By the time Sara was out of the bathroom I was already fast asleep.

Later that night I woke up and had to pee. I opened my eyes and felt the bed shaking a little. I look over towards Sara and saw she was lying with her back toward me with her arm fidgeting a little. I heard what I thought was a wimper and thought she was crying.

I asked, 'Sara are you ok?'

She froze and replied, 'Um yeah I'm fine,' Then it hit I knew what she was really doing.

'Sara. Were you masturbating?' I asked.

There was a pause then finally she replied, 'Yes!'

I felt kinda aroused, knowing she was masturbating just six inches away from me. Then with blood rushing to my face I asked, 'Can I watch?'

I was always curious to watch someone else masturbate, but never had the chance until now. I felt kind of awkward and ashamed for asking, saying, 'I'm sorry, I didn't...'

She interrupted me by saying, 'No, I wouldn't mind.'

Suddenly my heart soared and I was instantly wet, as she pulled down the covers. I got up, turned on my reading lamp and pulled up a chair to the side of the bed. I watched intently as she took off her pink silk nighty. I grew wetter as I saw take off her bra and expose her small perky breasts. She must have had the puffiest nipples I have ever seen. I looked down at her wet panties as she slipped them off and started to rub my nipples from under my shirt. I always wear a shirt and panties to bed and my cousin always wore a frilly nighty.

My pussy felt like Niagra Falls as I watched Sara slowly get to work. She had one hand on her breast pinching her nipples as she rubbed her vagina. Slowly she picked up the pace, rubbing faster and faster. Then she stopped and started fingering herself. By this time I had already had taken off my clothes and was mimicking everything she did. After a few minutes she finally arched her backed, clenched her toes and had a orgasm, I shortly followed and had a mind blowing orgasm too.

After I got done in the bathroom I told her about this secluded spot on the lake that had a tiny beach where I went to masturbate almost every day. The next day we took the canoe and I showed her how wonderful and free it felt to masturbate in the outdoors. We must have masturbated there and in the bedroom a total 10 times. After she had to leave I felt heartbroken, but I knew I would see her next Thanksgiving.

I'm almost in tears now because summer's almost over and winter comes fast where I live, so I'll have to wait until next summer, until we can have another experience like this.



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