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Fun in the Stacks

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I volunteered to help out in our local library. Being a regular patron there, I had gotten to know all of the librarians there, including a woman by the name of 'Laurie'.

Laurie was about 5'6', short brown hair with a little gray (she is close to my age), blue eyes, and a friendly, pretty face. She had a firm, slim body.

During one of my visits to the library, as I was going by the entrance, I glanced over and saw that Laurie was wearing a white skirt, and that she had crossed some very nice legs. I felt my cock get hard, and at one point during my visit, while glancing over at Laurie sitting at her desk, I saw her cross her legs again, and she caught me looking. She smiled at me, and let her skirt stay up, and actually dangled one of her low-heeled pumps from her foot. I'm really not into shoe play, but it looked like a damned sexy sight. Not too long after that, every time I saw her, she was wearing a skirt, nothing too short, but just above her knees.

When looking for a book she helped me locate, we talked, and I made a comment that she found very funny. As she was laughing, she rested a hand on my forearm. Another patron asked her for some help, and she excused herself, but not before squeezing my arm gently.

When I knew she was working, I always tried to make a visit by her desk, and try to get her to help me. More often than not, she would accompany me to the stacks, find what I was looking for, and then always would make contact with me, either a hand touching my arm, and once, a hand on my shoulder, causing her to say 'Wow. Nice muscles!' before she walked off, her ass swaying.

I enjoyed this friendly flirting, and so did she, especially since she was married. It felt like I was taking something from someone successfully.

During one of our brief chats, she accidentally (?) touched my chest. She drew back for a second, then poked me.

'Damn. Nice pecs.' She winked at me, and turned around to walk away. I took advantage of the situation and said 'Nice legs.' She looked back, and winked again.

Not too long afterwards, I volunteered to help out at the library with replacing books on the shelves. No pay, but I got to spend some time with Laurie, enjoying our flirting.

On one of the days the library was closed to the public, I was replacing books. There was only myself, a coworker of Laurie, and Laurie. Laurie was wearing a short-sleeved white blouse, blue denim skirt, tan pantyhose, black low-heeled pumps and a gold ankle bracelet.

As there was a lot to do, we spent more time working than talking, with me replacing books on the shelves, and she doing her duties.

Around 2 o'clock, the other librarian was calling it quits for the day. I was finally alone with Laurie.

I heard Laurie get up from her desk.

'Well, X. We're all alone now.'

'Yes, Laurie. Finally' I blurted out.

She walked towards where I was standing in between two stacks. She put her arms up around my neck, and I put my arms around her, and we kissed almost violently.

When we came up for air, she said, 'Christ, I've been wanting to do that for weeks.' I told her that I had wanted to do that since I met her. We resumed kissing, my hands moving over her body to her ass, squeezing the cheeks. She groaned a little, and she did the same to me.

'Well, X, do you want to go in the break room and fuck me as much as I want to fuck you?' I told her yes, but there was something I wanted to do first.

I had her stand on a footstool, and pretend to reach for a book on the top shelf. As she did this, I recalled the porn novel I had read decades ago where the librarian was seduced by a patron who had first run his hands over the backs of her legs. I did the same with Laurie.

She grunted, and leaned forward, her hands on the shelf. 'Oooh, that's nice!' she purred. I did it again, this time moving my hands up to her ass, feeling the nylon over her cheeks, and moving my hands towards her inner thighs.

'Oooh, oh, that's so good, baby!' I did it again, this time moving a hand against the crotch of her pantyhose.

'OH!' She said this loudly, taking advantage of our solitude. I pressed my hand against the now soaking cotton of her pantyhose and began moving my hand back and forth.

'OH, OH, SHIT! No one's done this before, not even my husband!' I stopped and told her to step off the stool and stand facing the shelves. She did so, and I took her hands and had her grasp the shelf. I continued rubbing her crotch, the skirt now lifted, her ass underneath her pantyhose exposed to me.

'OH, oh, God! Oh, sweet God! This is so good! Don't stop, honey! Oh, fuck, this is so good!' I moved my hand faster and faster, and heard her grunt and gasp then begin to cry out.

'OH, OH, OH, GOD, OH SHIT, I'M COMING, AAAGGGH!' She shook, and I felt her moistness increase on my hand.

After a few minutes, she turned around, took my face in her hands, and kissed me long and deep. She told me that we still had work to do. We continued our affair for about another three months, before she took a promotion that got her out of the library. I still hear from her once in awhile, and the last time she spoke she told me that she was due for some more time in the stacks with me. Soon, I told her.



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