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Fun in the Shower

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One day I was playing with my cock in the shower, not really masturbating just playing with my erection. Just for the heck of it, I tried pointing the shower spray at the head of my cock. I felt an immediate surge, almost as if I was about to 'have an accident.' It was completely mechanical and automatic, as if something was going on between my cock and the shower spray that had nothing to do with me. I was a little alarmed by it, so I immediately turned the spray away from my erection.
The next day, intrigued by what had almost happened the day before, I started right out by aiming the spray at my cock and keeping it there. To my delirious astonishment, I went from soft to hard in about five seconds and started ejaculating about halfway between, when I was still just semi-hard. The final surprise was that even after I was fully erect and spurting cum all over the shower stall, my cock continued to expand and the ejaculation turned into a major orgasm.
I never felt that sense of extreme fullness in my cock before. It was as if blood was pressing into the shaft and completely filling up the bulging and spurting glans. After the hard spurting stopped, I finished by jerking off, squeezing out those last exquisite drops of cum that always feel so good as they ooze out. The whole process had taken about a minute, start to finish. I decided that whenever I was pressed for time and needed to get my load out fast, this was definitely the method I would use.
Several years later, after I graduated from college, my future wife and I moved into an apartment together. Jenna and I have told each other all about our teenage sexual explorations. One day, she told me how she used to induce these great orgasms by aiming the spray from a detachable shower head at her crotch! Laughing, I told her all about my own experience. We went out and bought a detachable shower spray. I replaced the old fixed shower head over our apartment's bathtub with it, and we undressed and started playing. Two years later, we still do it at least once a week.
We sit in the tub facing each other. She usually wants me to go first, which I am always glad to oblige her in. I tease my cock with the spray to prolong the experience as best I can. After a few minutes tops, it simply becomes too much for me and the cum starts flying. When I'm finished, she throws one leg over the side of the tub and aims the spray at her now engorged and quite visible clitoris. The orgasms she has this way come quickly, often go on for a minute or longer, and can sometimes be repeated immediately. The mere sight of her grimacing in sweet orgasmic agony as her pelvis spasms repeatedly and helplessly is enough to get me ready for a second go as soon as she's ready to give up the shower spray.
We've spent some very pleasurable Saturdays this way. We both end up with permanent 'sex on the brain' after an hour in the tub, so we spend the rest of the day playing with each other and making love every way we know how. We come back to the bathtub for a final bedtime session, after which we clean up and fall exhausted into bed. Highly recommended!



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