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Fun in the Outdoor Shower at the Beach

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This is a true story that happened to me in the seventies during a family vacation at the shore. I still masturbate to the memory today.


When I was younger my family used to vacation at the Delaware shore for two weeks every summer. The summer that I was fifteen my dad and uncle decided to rent a REALLY nice large house for both our families to stay in for the week. I got to see my cousin's a couple of times a year (Erin was ten, Suzanna was eighteen) and got along with them OK, even though Erin was younger and Suzanna was into older guys, dating, hanging out with her friends, etc. and usually didn't give me the time of day. I didn't have any brothers or sisters, so I thought it would be cool to have at least Erin to hang out with at the shore for the two weeks.

The weather that summer was great, perfect for the beach. The first few days we spent hours down there and would leisurely come and go from the house to the beach as we wanted since we were only two blocks away. The third afternoon there my dad and uncle went to play golf, and Suzanna had already met some guy and had gone somewhere with him around town for the day. So it was just me and Erin and our Mom's at the beach. After swimming and playing in the sand for a couple of hours (Erin and I both buried each other, built sand castles, etc.) I was kinda tired and also very horny from seeing tons of incredibly gorgeous girls in bikinis all morning. I told my Mom I was going back to the house to hang out and grabbed my towel, hoping I could find an hour or so alone so I could jerk off in private. I was just walking away when I heard, 'Wait!' and Erin followed behind me. She told me she was hot too and wanted to go back and watch TV. I was a little pissed but there was nothing I could do.

The walk back to the house was quick. Now the 'family rule' was that everyone had to use the outdoor shower to rinse all the sand off them before they went in the house to change. This shower was in the back of the house: it was a double wide stall-type shower with no roof and the sides ended about 12' from the ground. Typical outdoor 'shore shower' except that it was extra-big, had two shower heads, and actually had a cabinet with a door on it that clean towels could be kept in. If I hadn't been playing on the beach or wasn't particularly sandy I would just rinse my legs and feet really quick, hop out and go inside and change. Sometimes I would strip off my bathing suit to rinse the sand from all the nooks and crannies of my body and then wrap myself in a clean towel and go inside and change. Others would do the same. I remember distinctly the first day waiting for my Aunt to come out so I could use the shower and she was wrapped in a towel, but not very well (she was a pretty big woman) and I actually caught a good glimpse of her pubic hair as she tried to hustle inside. I jerked off twice that night in bed just thinking about it.

So as Erin and I went around back to the shower, it hit me that I just might be able to persuade her to get in with me and to take off her bathing suit. I had never seen a real live naked girl at that point in my life, and only had a few short peeks at a friend's erotic magazine (I did love to masturbate to my Mom's catalogues, as I have read in other stories on here that other guys liked to do that, too). I swung open the door and walked in, and just left the door open. Erin sat on one of the patio chairs, and I told her to come in and she could 'rinse off' too, and she walked in. She probably thought that we were just going to rinse off in our bathing suits, but I had other ideas. I discreetly shut the door behind her (not that it mattered because the yard had an eight foot high wood fence and no one could see in).

I turned on the shower on the left of the stall and stepped under, and Erin and did the same on the right. It was then that I made my move. I reached down and undid the string in the waist of my bathing suit and then pulled the waistband as far away from my body as I could. My cock was beginning to get hard because I had all kinds of images of what could possibly happen, and I made sure that Erin could see my cock from where we were both standing. She made a comment like 'Oh my god, what are you DOING?' and I stayed calm and told her I was trying to get all the sand out, but wasn't having much luck. I asked her what the big deal was, and told her she had probably seen guys naked lot's of time. She kept looking at me and then down at my now hard cock (I had put my bathing back 'in order' but it was now soaking wet and it was very obvious I had an erection) and said she had never seen a 'real penis' before. I said, 'You're kidding, right?' and she said no, really she hadn't. Her eyes kept glancing down at my cock, and I knew pretty much right then I was going to be able to jerk off in front of her.

I told her I would take off my bathing suit since I had to get ALL the sand off my body and she could see it, but she would have to take her's off too. She just shrugged her shoulders and said 'Ok'. Now Erin wasn't yet developed; she only had a hint of breasts beginning to bud, although in the one-piece black and pink bathing suit she wore I did notice that her ass was very tight and round. I couldn't wait to see it. I didn't want her to chicken out, so I didn't wait and simply pulled my bathing suit down and off. My cock stuck out as I had a full erection at that point, but I didn't just start jerking off. I took the soap and made like what I was doing was natural and just started to wash my body. Erin stood staring with her mouth half open, and then I told her she needed to get to sand off too and to take off her suit. It didn't take long for her to peel the straps down and remove her suit, letting me see my first real naked female! She barely had any tits, although her nipples were a lot bigger than I thought they would be. Her pussy was completely smooth, but I tried not to stare at the slit between her legs too much, playing it cool. She began to wash up just like me, and as she turned away from me I saw her round little ass and it was SO hot.

We hadn't said anything for almost a minute, just kept looking at each other. Erin was blatantly looking at my dick and I finally said, 'Hey, if you want to touch it that's cool. We can wash each other and make sure all the sand's off and then get out, OK?' She didn't answer so I just took a few steps towards her side of the stall. As I did she turned her back to me and I took the bar of soap and began washing her back, and then began slowly soaping up and feeling and squeezing her ass. It was the best feeling in the whole world! I was SO horny, I stepped forward and my cock pressed against the back of her leg and her left ass cheek, and she jumped a little bit, but I was so horny I sort of humped against her real quick. Then I took the soap and reached around and soaped up her chest and stomach and then dropped the bar of soap on the floor. Erin bent over to get it, and at that instant I positioned myself so that when she stood up her ass would be right against my cock. She giggled when she felt it, and I kept soaping her chest and stomach, and then my hand went to her pussy. Just as I was about to slide my finger in she pushed my hand away and said she could wash her own privates.

She turned round and faced me, and she kept looking down at my erection as she finished washing herself. I was mesmerized as she cleaned her slit, although she wasn't masturbating or anything, just washing. After she put the soap down she took a step towards me, looked down and put her hand on my cock. She giggled and told me it felt like a hot, hard hot dog. I was so horny at that point I was shaking, and I told her I could make cream come out of it. She was confused by that and said she didn't believe me, so I told her to watch. I took a step back from her, grabbed my cock and started jerking. I was looking at her with her hands on her hips, completely naked, and I got a REALLY good view of her slit. I wish I could have lasted longer, but in about 30 seconds I started to come, and I came A LOT. At least five strong ropes of come plopped onto the floor of the shower, and I will never forget both of us laughing as we watched it swirl around the drain and then disappear.

We both rinsed off and then headed inside to dress, and not a moment too soon. No more than five minutes after we got dressed, our mom's came home! I can't imagine what would have happened if we had been caught. My cousin and I never did anything else, and never spoke about what happened until was saw each other at a family party two

years ago, where we both recalled in detail our memories of that day. Erin is now married with two kids and is a chef at a well-known restaurant in Boston, and I fantasize about us taking our families away on vacation together and having some fun again in the outdoor shower.



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