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Fun in the Garden

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hi friends!!!!!
i'm reading these Xperiences for the past two months only. my name is Bebick, 17 years old male with the normal prick size of 7' circumsised. this incident happened during last summer when i was 16 and my cousin Nobel who was 15 that time.
In the summer leave, we had gone to visit Nobel's family,since his dad and my dad were cousins. My parents asked me whether i wanted to enjoy the leave in that village. I said sure. so they left me in the village along with Nobel's family for one more week since i enjoyed the village atmosphere.
It was a nice village with a beautiful beach. So we(myself and my cousin) used to go to beach side to play and to swim. We used to swim only with boxers through which we both can see the bulge of our hard pricks. Actually it had made him horny but he didn't talk anything about that.
They had a big garden around their house that made the summer pleasurable. Nobel asked his dad whether we could sleep in the garden since it was so hot inside the house. His dad agreed and we took a bed outside and we both were in the same bed. We were talking about the places which we had visited the previous day. I was only in T-shirt and shorts. During the conversation itself, i found his hand was moving around my hips. i thought that was by accidentally and didn't care. But i became horny because the fifteen years old cute boy was rubbing my teenage body and i could see the bulge in my shorts. But i didn't mind about that. After three minutes, I found Nobel's hand was moving aroung my pubic area. Now i have understood that he was so horny and i could watch his another hand around his pubic area. Then i smiled and asked him 'Do you want to play with yourself?' He smiled but didn't reply anything and started to feel my penis through my shorts. I was so horny and asked him 'Shall we jack off together?' He said sure and pulled his shorts down immediately. I could see his erect penis through his boxers. I immediately pulled down his boxers and saw his beautiful member standing at 90 degrees towards me. I said 'Yeah.... yours is so beautiful...'. Immediately Nobel pulled my shorts down and hold my erect penis in his hand. He said 'i have seen this when we were swimming in the beach and i want to suck it'. I said sure. Within a second, me moved his position between my legs and hold my member into his mouth. I was in the heaven and moaning slightly since he was moving his lip up and down along the length of my haaard prick. He had taken almost the full length inside his mouth and deepthroatened me. i was changing my hip position according to his rythm. Two minutes later, i came to non-returnable state and told him 'i'm gooing toooooooo.........But he deepthroatened me again and i shot my full load into his throat about six shots. His mouth was full of my semen, but he swallowed the entire quantity and told me 'it is better than icecream or anything'. i told 'this is my turn'. We exchanged the positions. That was the first time for both of us to see each other naked. I was so impressed on seeing his cute body. There was no hair around his penis which was 6.5' stiff. I started kissing his lips,chest and finally his thighs. He became so horny and i took his member in my hand and started to stroke it. He had closed his eyes and atarted moaning. Then i took the entire length into my mouth which was the incredible moment of my life. His precum was sooooooo sweet. i enjoyed the feeling of a teenage penis inside my mouth. i was moving my lips and down but he started to moan loudly and finally shot his load in my mouth which i swallowed fully. It was so salty and tasted good. He became so tired and said 'thanks. Can we do this tomorrow also?' i said 'sure'. then he once again played with my balls and penis and started sucking it for two hours. He slept in that position only. In the morning i got up early and played one mutual jerk off session again. This continued throughout the summer leave. Yesterday i talked him through phone. He asked 'Are you coming here for this summer leave?'. I told him 'Of course, but for more days'. I am just waiting for the summer leave.......................



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