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Fun in the Car

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I have a girlfriend first of all. But there is this other woman who drives me crazy. She is 44 and married. She is GORGEOUS! Several times when we have all been out the married woman will lower her hand and feel my dick through my pants when nobody is looking. She has told me that she 'wants' me badly. I get so frigging hard just THINKING about her!

We agreed we HAD to get together, if only to make out somewhere for a few minutes. We agreed to meet after she got off work in the parking lot of a shopping center. I was hard all the way to the shopping center as I drove. I couldn't wait to get her in my arms and taste her mouth.

I planned well and I was prepared. I knew that if we could park somewhere inconspicuous and have some privacy, my dick was sure to come out of my pants. She also agreed to wear a skirt and no panty hose to work, and remove her underwear in the bathroom at work before she left. She crammed them inside her purse. I also brought a bunch of tissues from home. I knew I was going to cum that afternoon.

We met at the parking lot and she got into my big car. In seconds we were making out like crazy and her hand went to my dick soon after. I was sooo hard. She squeezed and rubbed it as she kissed me, and I had my hand up under her blouse and bra feeling her tits and nipples. She was saying 'Oh I want to fuck you so badly,' and I was saying that to her too.

I looked around to make sure there was nobody within close proximity of us. I said 'I want to show you my dick so bad.' The coast was clear and I unzipped it and pulled it out. It stood straight up in the air. She moaned and took it in her hand and felt it and stroked it. 'I want this in my pussy so badly,' she said. 'Your dick is beautiful ...' she said.

I asked her if she removed her panties and she said she had. I told her I wanted to look at her pussy, to please turn sideways in the seat and show it to me. She leaned against the door on the passenger side and put her feet up on the seat, then spread her knees apart. Oh my gosh. I could see right down to her pussy with the hem of her skirt now at mid thigh. I told her how gorgeous her pussy was. 'I want you inside me,' she said. 'Not here,' I said. I couldn't risk getting caught in public doing that! I told her another time on that. I asked her to play with her pussy and open her up for me. She used both hands and splayed her pussy lips apart. I could see right up inside her opening.

My dick was wildly hard and throbbing. I told her to keep an eye out behind me and I would keep an eye out behind her in case anyone drove and parked beside us or walked near us. I told her I had jacked off a hundred times fantasizing about fucking her, and I was going to do it right then as I looked at her pussy. As I jacked myself ... slowly because I wanted this to last and last ... she kept spreading her pussy and fingering herself and occasionally rubbing her clit. She has a beautiful pussy with a short coat of well trimmed hair and big puffy lips.

I finally told her I was going to cum and I wanted her to watch me closely. I grabbed the tissues and held them out in front of my dick which I had now bent down so it was more straight out than upright. The tissues about two inches away ... and I started pumping cum into them. I don't think I have ever cum so much! She just kept saying 'Oh God, Oh God.'

Then SHE got off! I didn't know she was really trying. I thought she was just putting on a little nasty show for me, but she was really trying to cum too. And she did. Her body jumped and twisted and she moaned loudly as she came.

We straightened up after that and made out some more, then we both drove home. She wants me really badly. I can't wait!



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