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Fun in the Bedroom

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I walked up the stairs to the bedroom, as I could hear her calling my name. I was already starting to show the signs of a semi-hard on, I was that horny. I heard her call again as I opened the door, I was greeted with her sitting against the headrest of the bed-she was wearing only lacy black lingerie, her legs were spread and the low lights made her slender body look even more appealing.

I climbed on to the bed and stripped down to my boxers, we looked at each other and both grinned naughtily. I saw her eyes flicker downward towards my boxers and the 'tent' that had been recently erected if you'll excuse the pun. A look of interest suddenly washed over her face as she reached over saying 'Let me see it!' but I teasingly dodged her attempt as she leapt forwards toward me. She giggled and jumped on me, and before you know it we were tickling each other, the neighbors could probably hear us laughing our heads off. (I know it sounds a bit immature, but it was fun, ok?)

After rolling around the bed for a while, each of us having a turn to be on top and dominate the other, I found myself between her legs staring right at the lingerie covering her pussy. I moved my head closer towards it, getting in position to make it seem obvious as to what I wanted to do. I looked up at her with a grin and in reply I could see a half surprised, half delighted face beaming back at me. 'Go right ahead' she said, as she laid back to enjoy herself, her flowing brunette hair laying beautifully around her face.

I pulled down her panties to reveal a wet, glistening pussy...it was obvious she'd been enjoying us messing around earlier. She let out a very sexy and naughty giggle as she lifted up her legs to slide the panties right off of herself, and on the way down her legs spread wide open, giving me full access to her. I was sooo hard by this point, I don't know what I would have done if I started masturbating while looking at her pussy so close up. After watching a fair share of porn I knew what to do...I began circling her clit with my tongue, as I slowly slid two fingers in and out of her, the moans she was making were driving me wild, along with saying out of breath things like 'God that feels so good Chris...'

Once her pussy was beginning to get soaked with her juices, I decided to start going at her g-spot, my fingers bending upwards towards the roof of her wet hole until I found the right spot. A loud moan and a 'Yeaaah, do that again!' confirmed the location, as I began to rub it furiously, as I started sucking her now highly engorged clit. The moaning was becoming louder and louder, and she began to yell 'I'm gonna cum Chris!' I worked on the g-spot even faster. Moments later I felt her whole pussy clench around my fingers, as she let out a long and very sexy moan, I felt her juices soaking my hand.

As I slid my fingers slowly out of her, she looked at me completely out of breath and said 'That was amazing Chris, we'll have to do that again...'

After a few minutes of recovery she caught me lying there having a perv at her amazing body, and saw that I was still as hard as a rock. 'Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I'd better return the favor!' as she slid herself between my legs, while sliding off my boxers to reveal a throbbing hard cock that was begging for attention. I mentioned that I probably wouldn't last long after what just happened, and she smiled at me and said 'I'm not really surprised' and let out a laugh. What turned me on even more was when she reached into her pussy, got some of her juices on her hand and began to lube my cock! I couldn't believe what she was doing, but it was turning me on so much...

After I was well lubed up (she checked by jerking me a few times) her hand slowly went up and down on my cock, the feeling was absolutely incredible, as I let out a soft moan of my own. I was trying my hardest to hold back my load, but it was becoming harder and harder with every downward thrust her fingers made on me. After a few minutes I couldn't hold back any longer and said 'I'm gonna cum!' so she lay in front of me.

'Cum on me Chris! Do it!' she said, as I got to my knees and just in time, as I jerked furiously streams and streams of cum erupted out, some landing on her stomach, others near her pussy. I thanked her and told her that she was amazing, as she smiled and snuggled up to me as we both fell asleep.



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