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Fun in the Bedroom - 2

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This happened the other day, I thought that a few of you people on here might appreciate hearing it.

The girlfriend and I were both asleep in bed after a busy night a few hours before...areas of the bed were still wet from the juices that were flowing so freely out of her pussy earlier that night.

Then something woke me up.

I could hear a fair amount of movement coming from her side of the bed, and her breathing seemed a little quicker than it should be if you were asleep. In my half asleep daze my mind finally asked me this question: 'Is she masturbating next to me right now?' This was all getting pretty exciting, seeing as I've heard her use the phrase 'wanker' in a derogatory way before, so dismissed the idea of her actually doing it...boy was I wrong, I could start to hear her wetness.

As her back was turned to me, I decided to check how well she was listening, so I silently got some spit to over lube up my cock, to make sure everything was nice and noisy. Then my hand went down and I started jerking, slowly picking up the pace and slowly picking up in sound too. After a few minutes I noticed that she had gone silent and stopped, everything was silent apart from the quiet sound of me getting off. Suddenly she turned the lamp on, turned her head towards me and gave me the most sexy, dirty grin I had ever seen in my life.

'Are you masturbating?'

'I just thought I'd follow the trend.'

'Oh my god, you heard me?'

I nodded with a smile on my face, asked her what was wrong with masturbating and how horny it was making me hearing her get off. I could see the relief flood over her, her attention now turning towards the movements I was making under the cover. I didn't even realise I was still masturbating, I was just absent-mindedly jerking, as you do. 'Can I see you do it?' she asked, you could hear the curiosity in her voice and was trying to hide how excited she was by all of this. I held the blanket down and said to her 'Only if I can see you.' with a dirty grin.

'Ok!' she said enthusiastically, and crawled to the end of the bed, her ass and pussy waggling in my direction. I slipped out of bed and my cock was met with a little gasp from her. The next few minutes were filled with requests and questions such as 'Stroke it faster!' and 'Does it feel good babe?' After a few more minutes of this, it suddenly occurred to her that she was masturbating herself, which she justified by saying 'I guess I just can't help it.' I was really starting to get hard now, pre-cum was flowing freely and now my cock was nice and lubed up. I asked if she could spread her legs for me, so I could look at her now glistening pussy as I jerked. She didn't have to think about it at all, and before me was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen-My girlfriend completely naked with her legs spread wide, fingering herself with one hand and fondling her nipple with the other.

Her breathing got even heavier, her body was beginning to squirm, her toned body and sexy abs were moving in a way that was so sexy that I knew I wasn't going to last very long. 'Let's cum at the same time' I suggested, which she replied with a nod and said 'I'm about to cum, jerk faster Chris!' And who was I to argue. I slid closer to her and began jerking furiously, her eyes were glued on my cock and mine on her pussy that was getting fucked with 3 fingers now.

'I'm...gonna...cum!' she moaned.

'So am I!' I just managed to get out.

Then all hell broke loose. My girlfriend began moaning and squirming all over the place, as ribbons of cum erupted out of my cock, directed towards her breasts with nipples so hard you'd just want to suck and fondle them all day. Strong orgasms flooded over both of us, it was absolutely incredible. We both lay there for a while in silence, then looked at each other and started laughing. 'I never knew you liked masturbating so much Chris!' she said, absent mindedly flicking her clit with a very satisfied look on her face.



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