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Fun in the Barn

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As young lads in our mid teen years, my friend and I liked to hike into the countryside to explore. On one occasion we came upon a large deserted barn and went in to explore and mess around.

We played in the barn for a while. Soon, as with any teen boys with raging hormones, the conversation turned to girls and sex. We wondered what it would be like to have some girls with us to have sex with. One thing led to another and soon we were wondering if we could somehow simulate sex with each other.

My friend was the older and seemed to be more experienced. He suggested that we try to have sex, or at least simulate sex by trying to rub our cocks onto each other's butts to which I eagerly agreed. The plan was that one of us would get on our knees and the other would mount from behind doggy style. We agreed to not penetrate each other but just simulate fucking motions.

So, we both unbuckled our belts, unzipped our pants, and dropped pants and shorts to our ankles. Our cocks were sticking straight out and starting to drip pre-cum just from our talking about girls and anticipating what we were about to do.

My friend suggested that I kneel down first, so I got on all fours and spread my legs a bit. He then knelt down behind me and began to rub his cock onto my butt crack. Then he reached between my legs from behind and started to play with my cock and balls hanging between my legs. He played with me that way for a while then he again pressed his hard cock into my butt crack and started to simulate fucking motions. His pre-cum was making my crack wet and slick. He did this for a while. Then he leaned forward onto my back, still pressing his cock into my butt, and reached a hand around grabbing my cock. He then began to jack me off, all the while making thrusting motions fucking my butt.

He did this for a while then it was my turn. So we changed positions. He got on all fours and I got on my knees behind him and did to him what he had done to me. It was great fun for both of us simulating sex with girls doggy style. Neither of us came.

Before pulling our pants up to go, we stood face to face and jacked ourselves off until we came, squirting cum on the barn floor. Then we left and hiked back home.

We did this only once. We are now both happily married with lovely wives and families.



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