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Fun in Hotel Room

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This happened just under two years ago at a hotel party my friends ex was having.


My friend asked me to join him to go to his exes birthday party in a hotel room because even though he still talked to her, and fucked her even though she had a new boyfriend, he wanted more company than her and her friends.

We actually wound up getting there earlier than most of the people and set ourselves up on the couch with our drinks. Not too much later a couple of girls came in, one that my brother used to hang out with and the other my friend used to work with, so we wound up hanging out with them for the night only knowing a few other people that showed up.

As the night progressed we changed seats as we used the bathroom or went out for a smoke, and we wound up me sitting next to the girl my friend worked with very close up against me.

As I stretched out I put my arm up on the back of the couch and when she came back from somewhere I slid it down onto her shoulder. Then another time I got up and sat back down I wrapped it around her tighter and she turned her body so she could lean on my chest. So after a couple hours the two of us were snuggled up pretty nicely on the couch.

As the night drew on people started leaving and we moved into one of the bedrooms and claimed one of the beds. Since there were still several people around we just lay there and watched TV for a while. Eventually when it was just us two on one bed and my friend and hers on the other we started spooning with her ass up against my crotch and my arm around her so my hand was on her stomach.

After we heard the heaving breathing coming from the other bed she grabbed my hand and moved it up to her boob which I would guess to be a B-cup at most and started to massage her breast for a couple minutes before slipping my hand inside her shirt and playing with her nipple which was already hard.

As I began to play with her nipple I started to gently kiss her neck slowly moving from the back towards her collar bone until she turns around.

We then start to kiss softly on the lips before opening out mouths slightly to allow each others tongues to meet. As we are making out I slid my hand around to her back and down to her ass, which looked so nice all night as it bubbles out in her tights. At this point I discovered that she was not wearing any panties, so after enjoying her ass for a little while I moved my hand-still inside her pants-around onto her hip then towards her pussy.

First I just ran my finger up and down her slit feeling her wetness, and then slid a finger into her as she let out a gasping breath. She was surprisingly tight so I just stuck with one finger and pumped it in and out of her and she began to breath heavier and heavier. I only let up on fingering her and went to rub her clit when she moved her hand down into my pants and grabbed a handful of my now fully hard cock.

She then removed her hand and started to undo my belt. Once she let my penis loose and started giving me a handjob with great skill I left her pussy and went back to her breast. After a few minutes my breathing led to think I was close she moved down on the bed ready to catch the cum.

I'll never forget the moment when she heard a sound outside the door and looked back at it and then turned and looked at me with my cock in her hand inches away from her face and asked if we should stop. I urged her to keep going, and she started jerking me off again and after a couple of strokes she caught the cum then said with the cum in her mouth she is going to the bathroom.

Before I even had time to get my cock back in my pants the door began to open and I pulled the blanket over me as someone asked if the bathroom was being used. She emerged a few seconds later and the guy went in and I got my pants back in order snuggled up with her again, placed a hand on her boob and went to sleep with a smile on my face.



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