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Fun Holiday

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Naughty holiday confession.


I had been living in Tasmania in Australia for most of my life. I grew up there as an only child. Now 32, I have no kids and my last relationship was about five months ago with a guy I met online.

I'm 5'1', a little short ass, small breasts, cellulite, a pimple on my nose and a couple on my bum too! I do have a cute bum though I think.

My whole life has been boring. It's been a bit better since the internet because I like to perv on guys and there's plenty out there for me to do that!

I remember when I was 14 and saw my first penis, wow; someone had a dirty magazine at school they stole from their dad and it had heaps of guys naked with girls. Nothing hardcore but wow it turned me on.

Anyway, I've had few relationships and even fewer good looking guys.

About two months ago my parents said I needed a holiday. I work for my parents they have an accounting business.

They wanted me to take some time off because I had been working so much. My mum has a distant cousin (Lisa) in Queensland (nice and sunny and warm) who would love to have me stay for a while.

I hadn't seen them in about two years, Lisa was married to Tony and they had three kids, Kory, Emma and Jody. They had a nice big house with a pool etc. I just remembered them as being very happy and friendly which is why I said yes, plus I did needed a break.

So the adventure began, I purchased tickets and flew up there on a Friday morning. I got off the plane and felt that wave of heat, it was nice. I've always loved the warmer weather, and guys with bare chests as well.

Gotta love those sleeveless shirts and big arms.....

So when I arrived, Lisa picked me up from the airport. Kory was there at the home when we arrived to help with my bags etc. My god, what a difference from 14 to 16 for him! I remember him being a cute 14 year old but now he has muscles and hmm other nice bits! Wow.

I did think that he was almost 17 and how old I felt...

Kory was wearing a tank top muscle shirt things the surfer guys wear. I kept looking at his nipples for some reason they turned me on. I also wish I didn't look like a washed up old distant relative.

Fuck he must have a cute bum, I started to realise I was staring. Also, he was so friendly, and warm natured.

His sisters Emma & Jody were out at netball practice, I wish I could wear one of those netball skirts now! Oh, and a small dog called Kimmi.

All the bedrooms were upstairs except the parents which was downstairs at the front overlooking the garden. It was a really nice house.

Upstairs there were four bedrooms. Two at one end and two at the other. Kory liked his loud music so was at one end on his own. Of course, that was where the spare room was, so I was told to tell him if it was too loud for me.

Kory took my bags upstairs and I watched his cute bum in those cute shorts the whole way. Fuck his calf muscles even turned me on! He put the bags in my room and showed me where the bathroom was and towels etc. My room was opposite his across the hall and the bathroom was next door to his room which we would share.

There was also a games room with a TV and couch, a good idea by the parents I thought-gives him somewhere to go with his friends out of the way.

The girls were at the other end of the house with their own bedrooms and bathroom.

Kory had a sliding door access from his room to the bathroom. He said it was easier if he didn't use the door so he said he would just keep it shut during my stay.

I thanked him and watched his bum again as soon as his back was turned. At least I could perv now without anyone watching. I felt a bit like a teenager again sharing with all these young ones.

I showered and changed and went downstairs. It was funny taking a shower thinking that Kory's room was just the other side of the door. I wondered what would happen if he accidentally opened it - it was sort of exciting in a naughty way!

That night we all went out to dinner and I was filled in about their busy lives. We made our way home late and went upstairs for bed. There were two doors at the top of the stairs, one to the girls end and one to Kory's end. Lisa and Tony added these to block out their music - great idea I thought.

Kory had gone upstairs a few minutes before me and I noticed he took the dog with him. I passed his bedroom and noticed his door held open by a t-shirt thrown on the floor - just enough for the dog to get in and out.

Kory stuck his head around the corner of his door and said 'just hang a towel on the door handle if you use the bathroom in the morning so I know'. I stopped and looked at him as he was talking and realised why he was hiding behind the door. Through the door I could see a mirror; in this mirror I could see one completely naked young man and one very white, tight little bum. I nervously said 'Oh, ok, no probs'. 'Oh, and watch out for Kimmi, I keep the door open for her'.

I nodded and went to my room. My heart was beating like a little girl seeing her first naked boy.

The next day I woke up late, threw on a knee length t-shirt and went downstairs. Kory was sitting at the table in a pair of speedo's only, nothing else! His nipples were hard because of the cooler morning and wow they were turning me on after last night's image. I didn't feel like breakfast, I had to keep my tummy flat if I was ever going to wear a bikini.

Kory and Lisa were talking about getting something and Kory was saying he needed someone to hold a ladder. Lisa turned to me and said 'Can you go hold the ladder for him; otherwise he will never do what I asked'. 'Sure' I said - not really knowing what I was agreeing to. Kory said 'Alright then', and got up and nodded me to follow him. We went into the garage and he set up a ladder under a roof hatch. He said 'I have to climb up and get something for mum, just hold the ladder for me'.

'Oh, ok' I said, and stood beside the ladder. He climbed up as I help the ladder and as he opened the hatch I was staring directly at his bum. Right there in my face. He fumbled around up there and then turned around. Yep, there was his crotch about two inches from my face. It was close enough to analyse exactly what each bulge was! And I could see a few pubes at the top as well.

I was noticing the cute little pubes poking out the top of the speedo's when he yelled 'found it' and passed me a box and came down the ladder. He went back up to put the hatch back and again I loved the bum close up.



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