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Fun Friends

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i recently found this site, and i think it's great. I have long believed that masturbation was more than just a healthy way to explore your sexuality. i have an experience i would like to share. I have spent many years using solo-touch as a more than adequate avenue to release pent up energy. but recently i was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that there are more than just a few out there that share similar opinions.
i have a couple of friends that i usually go out with, kinda like occasional friday night parties.. dancing and that sort of stuff. There is this one couple ..for privacy sake, i will call them donnie and tina.
we were out with a few other friends on a saturday night, doing the usual..dancing...just having some fun. i have known this couple for a few years, tina is very attractive and enjoys dressing in sexy outfits..especially when they go out. donnie is and average guy, we work out together sometimes..he and i are about the same, average build. anyway this particular evening they both seem to be really into the music and flirting with just about everyone..tina and i usually danced a few tunes, but this particular night, she seemed more than just interested in the music. when we danced she was very provocative..staying very close and taking more than one opportunity to press her body against mine. in addition to that she seem to be carressing herself in a very sensual way. during one song the three of us actually were dancing together, and she spent a lot of time between us..very sexy. as the evening progressed i was becomeing more than just a little arroused..i had never really looked at tina in a sexual way...this was quite a new point of view. well the more we danced and talked the more they both seem to be suggesting something...then it was actually donnie who said that they had reserved a room at the hotel where we were partying, and suggested that we might go upstairs for 'something a little more private'..at first i wasn't sure that i heard him right, but i said sure, why not..when the bar closed at about 1 am, the three of us casually went upm to thier room, for another drink...tina immediately put the tv on a music channel and pranced arround the room to the tunes..donnie and i were sitting at a table laughing and making lewd remarks, then it was donnie who told his wife tine she should try stripping, since she liked to shake her ass so much...tina then looked at both of us and said something like 'only if we promised to return the favor'...donnie laughed, but i could see the glimmer in his eyes and the buldge in his pants..without any further prompting tina unzipped the back of her short dress and pushed it down to her waist..continuing to dance seductively...my heart was racing and my cock was getting harder...then to my surprise it was donnie who stood up and unzipped his jeans and pushed them to his knees...his cock was very errect...about 7 or 8 inches..he sat down again and started stroking it...then he looked at me and ask if i was interested...well it was all i could do to keep from jumping out of my cloths...tina continued to remove her dress and undies...her tits were perfect..about 36's i guess
she carressed them and pinched the nipples. i quickly slipped out of my pants and revealled a cock that was very errect..i am fairly average 7 inches os so depending..as donnie and i stroked our cocks tina finished stripping, i thought i was gonna cum more than once...after she was completely naked, she laid on the bed and spread her legs and began rubbing her wet pussy...it was very hot. the she called donnie to the bed and began strokin his cock, quickly she had it in her mouth..donnie moaned ..next she motioned for me to come to the other side..as i did she took my hand and put it on donnie's cock...i was a little shocked but decided what the hell. i squeezed his cock as she licked his balls....i was getting very turned on...
before i knew what was going on, i was lying beside tina strokin her pussy and squeezin donnies cock..the next thing i knew they were both between my legs, taking turns suck my stiff cock....it was wild. then tina got up and moved accross my waist and settled onto my cock..it was then that she ask me to suck donnies cock....i wasn't sure i could. but gave it a try ...it was very intense...i put his cock into my mouth and started sucking like i liked it on my cock. the next thing i remember was tina bucking wildly on my cock and donnie exploding into my mouth.....,a very wild experience...he was pumping his cock as it exploded onto my chest and tina rubbed and licked feverishly at the cum on my chest.....then as she came...she started rubbing her clit wildly and pinching her nipples hard...when she finished the both returned to sucking and licking my cock...i began stroking it harder and faster untill i came onto her tits..where donnie was in heaven licking my cum..
it was the wildest sex i have ever had..and involved a lot of self touch....of course since then we have become closer friends...and enjoy regular group sessions where we just masturbate in front of each other..but thats another story.



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