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Fun Family Stories

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I know many of these things sound gross but they brought me off to the first orgasms of my life.


Okay. So I first started masturbating when I was younger, it all started out on a cold winter day. My parents went shopping and I had asked to stay home because of the cold. They agreed. I watched tv all day and was happy to be home alone. Finally they came home. My dad had a new jacket and my parents bought a bunch of stuff(just around the house stuff) I was trying on my fathers jacket for fun when I reached into the pocket and found a box of condoms. I quickly slipped it back knowing I shouldn't have taken it out. I didn't get caught nor did I know what the hell those were at the time.

Night time approached and after my bath I went off to bed. My brother(then 13) and I both shared a room. That night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and tossed and turned. I finally dosed off to sleep. It felt like I had slept forever but when I looked at the alarm clock I had just slept for five minutes. I lay in bed quietly in hopes of falling asleep. I hated that our house had sort of flimsy walls. I could heard everything that went on. Fortunately this night the flimsiness of the walls brought me to an earth shaking orgasm. As I lay in bed I heard a bed squeak. I looked over to my brothers and I could see his right arm move rhythmically under his sheets...

I asked him what he was doing. He said 'come over and I'll show you' I lay beside him and he grabbed my hand and put it around his cock. It was pretty developed for a 13 year old. He told me. This feels good touch it more. I touched it slightly but he taught me how to do it right. 'sit on it' I did...I rubbed my wet sleep shorts against it back and forth. I felt myself getting hot. Minutes later I lay down and slipped off my shorts. He touched me. It felt good. I touched him. We did our best to keep silent. 'I touch myself every night. I was dying for you to catch me. Its so thrilling.' We went silent for a bit as we touched ourselves. All of a sudden I heard a bed squeak 'hear that?' my brother said, 'yeah what is it?' I answered back 'mommy and daddy are having sex. I also touch myself to the sounds try it, it feels amazing. You can cum when they do' After this I jumped back into my bed to avoid being caught. I touched my clitoris slowly. Now I knew why they had condoms around. I heard my mother and father moaning and the headboard of the bed smack against the wall. They were really really loud. I heard my brothers breaths quicken and saw him cum. I kept back a bit masturbating longer. Finally...The bed squeaks got louder my father groaned and my mother moaned loudly. I orgasmed. It was amazing.

After this night it was a regular routine. My brother and I would masturbate each other frantically as our parents had sex. Sometimes I would lay outside their door to hear the sounds more clearly as I brought myself to orgasms.

When my brother went away for college I still kept up with masturbating to my parents sex. We kept a curtain divider in my bed room for when my brother came home. We still masturbate together regularly to our parents sex.

I brought it up with a friend once and she told me it was gross. Amazingly enough, she slept over my house one night and brought her self to an orgasm with my parents sex noises. She doesn't know I found out. Till this day, my parents have never found out. I guess they just figure I'm a heavy sleeper.



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