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Fun at Work

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I work with my girlfriend and six other people in an office and we often think of sexy fun things to do to relieve the boredom of our job.

One favorite activity we like to do is have her wear crotchless pantyhose I bought for her off the internet. On that day I will carpool with her so I can enjoy her pussy from early in the morning. As we drive to work I will reach over and push up her skirt and start rubbing her pussy. As first she looks around and says 'someone will see' and clamps her legs shut. I reassure her no one can see and I spread her left leg then her right leg. I resume rubbing her clit and within seconds she screams with her first orgasm (I can get in about three orgasms for her on our fifteen minute drive).

Well this day I was feeling really adventurous and asked her if she would mind masturbating in the restroom at work. She was afraid someone would hear her orgasm but I told her just to be really quiet, or maybe bite down on some paper towels. She was still resisting with, 'I don't know, someone will hear me'. So I said to her, 'what if I jerk off too, I'll go first, how about that?' With that suggestion she agreed.

Inside our small lunch room we have a unisex rest room. We agreed we would finish lunch then both start the festivities. As we sat eating and people were coming in to use the bathroom I couldn't wait. The excitement of doing something so raunchy with our coworkers about ten feet away was making me so horny. As we finished eating and were cleaning up I whispered to her, 'I have an idea, why don't I shoot my sperm into a disposable cup. Then you can drink it while you play with yourself?' I thought so would so no but with surprised with a 'sure no problem'.

So I take a clean plastic cup and my Vaseline lip balm which is made of petroleum jelly (for my lube) and go into the rest room and lock the door. The rest room is small so only one person may occupy it at a time. I place a paper towel on the counter by the sink then set the cup on the paper towel so it remains clean. I pull my rock hard dick out from my zipper and spread the Vaseline on and start stroking. I had to use slow strokes as doing it fast will sometimes make a sound from the lube (guys you know what I'm talking about).

The excitement of beating my meat in a new and forbidden place had me nearing orgasm quickly so I aimed my dick head at the cup. In a few seconds my body tensed and my ass clenched as I shot my load into the cup. I made sure to aim well as I didn't want to waste any sperm-my girlfriend was depending on me for her recommended daily allowance of protein.

I quickly grabbed a paper towel and wiped off the most of the Vaseline then stuffed my dick back inside my pants. I opened the rest room door and stuck my head out and when she saw me quickly got up and headed towards me. As I exited I handed her the cup and she quickly entered and closed and locked the door.

I sat down at the lunch table and waited. I concentrated on trying to hear anything but the fan in the rest room drowned out any possible noise. Two minutes later she exited with a smile on her face and I excitedly asked, 'how many times did you cum?' She replied only once which surprised me as she is multi-orgasmic and cums quite easily. She said she was really nervous and after she came she did bottoms up and drank it all.

Well I needed to pee now before I returned to work so I went back inside and as I did my duty, I looked down and saw the plastic cup in the waste bin with her bright red lip stick on it.

It was cool to know everyone in that office saw that cup that day and thought nothing of it. I can only imagine the reactions if they found out their two respected, unassuming coworkers were jerking and jilling off and drinking cum just 10 feet away from their desks.



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