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Fun at Uni

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Well I've been looking at SoloTouch for a while now, and I LOVE the stories on here. They get me so wet it's unbelievable.

This is a story about the one weekend I didn't go home and instead stayed at uni. Man, was it a great weekend.

I'd pretty much done eveything I could think of to occupy myself, and was messing around on the internet when I decided to check out the latest stories on SoloTouch. I'm particularly fond of the female female stories, although I'm totally hetrosexual. Sometimes girls are just better at things than boys ;) I usually lock my door when I'm jilling as I live on a mixed floor and people are always walking in and out of my room, but on this occasion I completely forgot. I was laying there on my bed with my hands down my trousers having an amazing time, and luckily I've learnt how to keep quiet so no-one suspects what I'm doing. It was then that this really cute guy doing the same course as me, Mark, knocked and walked in. I nearly died of embarrassment, but he just walked in and closed the door, locking it. Now I've always fancied him and to have him react like this I wanted to jump on him, but instead I asked him what he was doing walkin into my room unannounced. 'Well I did knock' was the response I got. I figured if he could be cheeky then so could I, 'well you could have given me time to finish off, now I'll have to start again.'

'That's fine with me, but only if I can help.' He came over to me and pulled my trousers and underwear off, revealing my sopping puss gasping for attention. 'How do you like it?' He asked me. I'm a clit kinda girl, penetration doen't really do it for me unless I've been going for ages and just need to fill the gap, so I told him to focus on that. I lay back down and felt his fingers gliding over my clit, at first it was slowly, then he began to speed up. I was practically soaking his hand as I'd already gotten extremely wet before he'd showed up. I could feel a pulsing deep inside me and I ached for something, anything, to enter me, and seeming to notice the way my puss was contracting, he expertly put two fingers inside me while still rubbing my throbbing clit. My god, I was still trying to be quiet so that my neighbours didn't know what was going on, but I just couldn't and started to moan quite loudly. He just laughed and carried on fingering me until I came. Now I usually stop for a while and then begin again but he just kept going and it was taking all my concentration not to just explode. I came again and again, it was amazing. Then he stopped and let me catch my breath.

Now I've never been with a boy, and no-one has ever been anywhere near me when I've been in that kinda of mood, so I was a little worried about how I was going to 'help him' in return, as he'd probably want it. Once I'd calmed myself down, I asked what he wanted to do now.

'Just let me finish myself off.' Now I was really confused, guys didn't give something like that for nothing. I had expected him to want me to do something, but apparently watching me get off was enough for him. He just went and sat in my desk chair and jacked himself off till a stream of cum came out into a tissue he'd grabbed himself. And that was it. I cleaned up and got dressed, sat down on my bed and look at him wondering where we went from here. He just looked at me and smiled a rather cheeky smile that usually means he wants to go to the pub, so off we went chatting about what had just happened.

I wonder what would have happend if it hadn't have been Mark to wander into my room, and I'm so glad it was. Now we're going out and he genuinly seems to love 'helping' me come then doing it to himself. I have had a go at a handjob, but I definately need more practice. Hopefully, when he comes round later, I can get some, and maybe have a bit of fun for myself again too.



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