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Fun at the College Toilets

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I truly hope you enjoy this story! I apologize for my English. You see, I'm not a native speaker, and I'm quite rusty right now. Feel free to comment. If you've had similar experiences, I'm most curious to hear about them! Love, BB



Being a student is great. You get to meet up with various fellow students, you go to parties, have coffee breaks that go well into the evening. It's a time of sharing, of experiments and acting out before you conform to the adult world of work. Even though you enjoy this enormous freedom, there are also some responsibilities.. You have to work for your grades. You have to master subjects you don't necessarily like. You have to invest a reasonable amount of time in memorizing, summarizing and organizing notes.

For me, it used to be quite hard to discipline myself to do the things I was supposed to do. To force myself away from distraction, I resolved to stick to the college facilities-that is, the study rooms, the library and the computer centre-after my classes.

I remember entering the library with my books and having difficulty adopting to the solemn silence that was ever present. All those rows of books, the stuffy atmosphere, the smell of old paper, dust and the copy machine working overtime.. All those young students, occupied with those books, scribbling down on their pieces of paper, diligently searching in dictionaries-oh boy, it was hard not burst out in hysterical laughter sometimes! Of course, in time, after a few minutes, I would be one of them. Instead of looking around and fidgeting and postponing, I would go to work and fix my mind on some intellectual concept or theory.

For some hours I would be lost in this zone of mental activity. For some hours nothing else would enter my mind than facts, ideas and data. After these hours of reducing myself to merely a brain, my other bodily functions would always show up, some way or the other. Either I would get myself a snack or a cup of coffee, or I would head off to these places of total oblivion: the college facilities' toilets..

Glad to have a break from all that seriousness, I did my thing on those toilets, or should I say my things?

In fact I did many things there, naughty things. Was there a greater relief than walking into the stall, closing the door and dropping my pants?

At first I just went in, spread my legs, pulled my pants down to the ground and jerked my 6 inch cock until I couldn't take it any longer. Mmm.. the joy of bringing something else to life than my brain. Mmm.. the rebellion of giving in to my deepest lust. Mmm.. the idea of doing something that was so not suitable to what was happening around. Mmm.. feeling my own body, exposing my milky white skin, stretching my hairy asshole over the place where other students just sat to do their duty. Mmm.. twitching my nipples, thrusting my hips and finally, shooting all over my chest!

It didn't take long before I would find some other things to add to that. One of them was stripping myself of all of my clothes, including my shoes and socks. Another variation was to start jerking at the urinal before moving into a stall.

The more bored and tired I got with studying, the sillier and riskier my pursuits became. How could I make this even more fun?

Since I'm a decent, quite shy guy with good manners, I wasn't trying to get myself in trouble. I was trying to make it more exciting, without bothering someone else with it. Nevertheless, I started fantasizing about the other male students that were at the library. Ideally, I was to sit at a table right next to the cutest guy I could find, and man, there were some gorgeous guys! When I found my mind drifting away from my Norton Anthology, I would always start studying the gentleman next to me. Oh, those tender hands touching the pages.. Oh, those wonderful eyes moving along the lines.. Oh, how sweet to him so studious, not noticing anything else..

Though all of the guys I saw looked pretty asexual studying, I made sure to make them sexual when thinking of them when I visited the toilet. I fantasized with all my senses. How his cock would look, smell, taste.. How he would kiss me and whisper in my ear 'I think I'm cumming soon..'

I also got a thrill out of people entering the toilet room while I was behind the door beating my meat. All those intimate sounds.. The sighs of relief of finally letting go, the sizzling of a stream coming out of a young man's cock, the dry slapping of dicks after peeing.

I really liked jerking off with the door closed, but unlocked-with one hand next to the lock, ready to click when someone came in. The closest I ever came to really exposing myself was when I stroked myself at the urinal, pretending to pee. I did this many times, and sometimes I came then and there, leaving a nice white trail behind that didn't flush through. I never continued when someone came in, but always immediately closed my pants and went to wash my hands, as if nothing was going on. It really wasn't about getting caught, but about feeling the suspense of getting close to getting caught. One time I messed up. I squirted a large load on my hand, and then a beautiful long haired blonde guy came in from the back, saying 'hi', totally friendly and unaware of what happened. I didn't know if he had seen anything, but I zipped up and went out, quickly washing my hands. A moment later, outside of the toilet, I realised I had still cum dripping from the side of my hand and some fresh stain on my pants.. Oops!

After this incident I felt pretty bad about myself. What was I doing? Even though I had some one-night-stands at the same time, I still felt the need to do this. Was I a pervert? Was I asocial? Was I incapable to find a guy to really love and be happy with? In retrospect I think I was in a stage of exploration. I was too shy to have sex at darkrooms or saunas and was faced with the guilt installed in me during my religious upbringing. Ironically, when I finally met my first boyfriend, I realised I wasn't sick or weird, and that, to my naive surprise, I wasn't the only one doing certain private things at certain public places!

During my first relationship, I had lots of sex, lots of love-making. Still I found myself attracted to the college toilets. I was so fuelled with sexual energy that I couldn't stop it.

Soon I found some stalls which walls were filled with horny messages. Apart from chatter about soccer clubs and tits, I also read very candid confessions from other guys. 'What a sunny day outside. I just feel the need to shoot my load all over the place.. Mmm.. I came wonderfully! Masturbation is such a gift!' Wow! Finally a confirmation of other guys doing the same! I was not alone! At that point I realized my fantasies were not just fantasies, but realities, facts! Of course I started jerking off immediately after I'd read such inspiring notes, pretending to sense the secret energy and the joy the other guys must have felt there, at exactly the same spot, behind the door.. Ooh..

It didn't take long before I also found real proof of other guys' tendencies. One day was taking a shit when I heard some familiar sound from the stall next to me. Mm.. Someone was rubbing his dick, first slowly, then steadily faster and faster.. I put my ear to the wall and I heard other sounds. His buckle clunking, a bracelet rattling, a breathing that went louder and faster, turning into soft moaning and sighing.. Ooh.. Then the sound of taking paper, cleaning his member, scratching his pubic hair, a zip followed by a sudden flush and a brisk departure.. Oh boy! I was unable to see who it was because I was so startled and horny, and he'd left the toilet so abruptly without washing his hands.. You dirty boy!

Apart from sound I also found some evidence in the form of smell and matter. Yes. Without any sexual tension needed to be released, I sat down at a stall, when I noticed a certain smell.. Was it? The stall and the seat both felt hot. Somebody had just been here before me doing it! The smell came out of an open container which was filled with used tissues. Aha! On top of the pile were several tissues filled with fresh spunk. Mmm.. I then cautiously took them out of the container and inhaled the scent, my dick already fully erect. Mmm.. In no time I shot my own warm juicy load in another tissue and put it along the tissues of the guy that came before me. Alone, but yet together. Man, was that hot! Some other time at that same stall I even found a more startling accessory: someone had taken out his underwear and left it in the container for.. for what? For others to find them? Feel them, smell them, fill them? I could not help myself. I examined the boxer shorts, smelled the crotch, dreamed away for a few minutes and added something of myself to the boxers.. Of course leaving them behind in the container, in case someone after me would be curious..

When I got older, had more relationships and also became less inhibited, I gradually lost my obsession with the college toilets. The last thing I did was an experiment, you could say a 'scientific survey'. I was at a much used toilet stall at one of the university faculties-one with doors which were open at the top and bottom-when I got a splendid idea! This was a busy place, and one which didn't seem to be that suitable of quick relief, I thought. Was I right? The only way to find out was to have people admit they were doing it there.. so I started a Cum Count! In one of the corners of the stall that still had some writing space free, I wrote a little text that said something like 'mmm.. I came here.. oh..! You too? Here's the cum count:'. Underneath it put a first / after I successfully jerked off there. One day later I got back and did the same thing, and added another /. One week later, when I was anxious to find out what had happened and willing to put another / to the count, I couldn't believe my eyes! Some guy had put a comment next to the count: 'oh yeah, I'm thinking of you doing it while I'm doing it.. Oh, I'm cumming..' And that wasn't all. In different strokes with different materials (pens, pencils, etc.) several /'s had been added to the count! I think, in one week, 12 guys had been cumming in the same place! Mmm.. The idea.. The expression of pure male lust.. The raised heartbeats, the testosterone, the moving fists, the cum splattering in all directions, time after time after time.. Then and there I realized: you never jerk off alone! What a true gift it is!



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