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Fun at the Beach

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My friend Thomas and I were at the beach in Florida, where we always go during July, and being both fifteen, we didn't much like being around our parents. We would go out at night, and wander the resort, beach, or whatever until usually 3:00am (you see I have pretty cool parents). Now, before I go on, let me describe Thomas to you. He is about 5'8' with a tan and dark hair with green eyes. Now, also, let me say that I consider myself completely straight, but perhaps a little curious!

Moving right along. One night it was about 3:00am and we were in the pool, swimming in just our boxers because our swimsuits were back at the house (i.e. a long way away). I had always wanted to skinny-dip after having seen it on TV, so, since Thomas had a pool, I wondered if he ever skinny dipped. 'Hey, Thomas, do you ever skinney dip?' He replied.'Yeah, man, once or twice.' 'You want to now?' He replied by taking off his boxers, and giving me a little half smile. He then held them in the air and tossed them to the side. 'You next man.'

So I too, stripped off, and there we were, both naked swimming in the pool. No I don't know what it was, maybe the water on my balls, maybe not having jacked off in three days, or what not, but I soon got a boner, which is, I am sorry to say only about five and a half inches. I noticed through the water that Thomas had a boner too, um, not like I was looking or anything. Well after a while, he popped out of the pool grabbed one of those plastic chairs and threw it in.

I was suprised, I asked what he was doing. 'Dude, I am so horny. I have GOT to jerk off.' I was very pleased. 'Hey, get me a chair too.'

We both sat in the water jerking moving our hands up and down. Neither one of us closed our eyes, I must admit I was drawn to the sight of his erect dick and his mass of dark pubes. I timed myself so that we could be in rythym. He started going faster and faster, and then let out a few moans. I was so turned on by this. I asked him if I could watch. He stopped suddenly and said, 'No way dude, it's not like I am gay.'

I dropped the issue right there, but continued to peek. Then, both of us, moaning and groaning like porn stars, came, the cum floating through the water and sticking to each of us. We got out and went home, sleeping nude. Nothing else happened, unfortunately, but I haven't lost hope.



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