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Full of Herself

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Three weeks into Uni, and I think I may have made my mark!


On my floor in our hostel are eight bedrooms. Six are filled with normal girls, plus me, easy going, fun, friendly, after the boys, enjoying our first real taste of freedom.

Then there is Anna. Anna is tall, almost lanky, and an excellent pianist. Someone told me she already has letters after her name, the bitch. And that's the problem. She is haughty, thinks she is oh, SO much better than us. She sneers at our rooms, what we have in them, calling it 'cheap'. She constantly complains to the Uni authorities if one of us dares to have a boy back for the night. In short, Anna thinks she is really something.

I was walking to my room which made me walk past hers. Her door was open and she was just standing in the doorway, no doubt waiting to be offended yet again. As usual, I nodded and smiled, no need for her bad manners to rub off on me, right? She didn't respond other than to curl her lip. As I walked past her, I heard her snort. Actually snort in contempt.

And something in me just snapped. I spun round and punched her in the mouth. No, I don't mean slapped, I mean a full on, body weight behind it punch. Her lip split and blood spattered everywhere. But oh BOY, it felt good!

So taking one step into her room, I put both hands on her shoulders and pushed her as hard as I could. She went sprawling back onto the floor.

Well. Number one, I am not lesbian, nor have I ever even been curious. Number two, I was white hot mad at the bitch.

So, someone tell me why, in the next breath, I was astride her, kissing her blood soaked mouth, groping her tits, and dry humping her? Someone tell me why I shoved my hand up her skirt and into her knickers and then pressed a finger up her.

Someone tell me why SHE reached between us, pushed her hand in MY knickers and fingered me.

And please, someone tell me why I came so hard I actually peed myself, my knickers and onto Anna.

I have never, never in my life cum like that.

I spent the whole afternoon in bed with her, being, well, being a lesbian and doing everything they do. Anna did the same for me too.

(PS I noticed when I pulled my hand out of her knickers I had blood on my fingers, but it wasn't her time of the month. I think I popped her cherry.)

So, what now?



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