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Full Moon Fandango

Posted by: Author: Age: 58 Posted on: 2 comments
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Several times that day at work my boys down below sent that familiar feeling through my groin, letting me know they were full and needed emptying. My wife and her mother were going on an overnight shopping trip. I knew the house would be all mine, and I had planned on a long and enjoyable jack off session when I got home.

Well wouldn't you know it, some emergency came up, and I ended up working late. When I finally got headed home, it was already getting dark. As I drove along I kept thinking of how wonderful it was going to feel to let my whopper out for a good massage. My dick was bulging in my pants, and I could feel wetness on my leg. I thought to myself, you know if I can't see in the other cars, then they can't see in mine. The thought of masturbating while driving got me more excited, till I thought, to hell with it. I unbuckled, unzipped and pulled my cock out and slowly pulled my slick'um juice back up, spreading it out over the head. I slowly rolled my forefinger around and down my shaft. I was so turned on with the thought of masturbating out in public, I was shaking, ready to shoot right then and there. Woah, I thought, I've got plenty of time when I get home, so I put both hands on the wheel and drove, my cock pulsing with every heartbeat.

When I pulled up in the drive, I could see the wife's van was gone, and I thought good, I've got the house to myself tonight. I somewhat pulled up my pants and hurried into the house. After stripping down in the laundry room, I headed into the master bath. As I flipped the light on, I stood in front of our full length mirror, and admired my huge somewhat reddish and purple cock, standing fully erect and ready for action. I took my fingers and started rubbing my pre cum all over the head and down my shaft, all the time watching myself in the mirror. Oh, it felt so good, and I almost couldn't stop. I wanted to blow my whole load right there in front of the mirror, but I stopped just short and a small amount of clear liquid and semen oozed out and slid down the length of my cock and onto my balls. I just stood there watching my penis pulsing in the mirror. Finally the urge to ejaculate subsided and I got in and took a shower. After drying off I wrapped the towel around my waist and went out on the back deck.

Living out in the country, our back deck and yard is surrounded by trees, and no one can see in from the road. Feeling safe and comfortable, as I sat in the deck chair, I let the towel slip from my waist down to my sides, exposing my now semi soft erection. Placing my thumb on the back of my helmet, I rolled my forefinger around on the front side just under my hole where the skin meets the head. This is an especially sensitive spot for me, and before long I was completely erect again. I laid back in the chair and tilted my head back as I slowly massaged my member. I realized as I jacked myself, that we had a full moon, and the stars seemed especially bright. I stood up and walked out onto the back yard, completely naked, my big hard on swaying back and forth with each step. I could feel the coolness on my dick as a gentle breeze evaporated the wetness that I had spread all over it. As I looked up to the heavens, I thought what a wonderful gift to be 58, and still have all my plumbing working so well. I reached around my leg with one hand and grasp both of my boys and gently pulled them back toward my butt. This made my already stiff rod stick out even more firm, and the head felt as if it was ready to pop. I cupped my other hand over the top of my head and smeared the clear liquid that had accumulated all over, rotating my cupped fingers around in a circle. My God, the head of my cock felt as big around as a tennis ball. Spasms would flash from my groin up through my stomach, and I would have to stop rotating my hand on my head every now and then, as the feelings were so intense. I kept rotating and gently tugging on my boys till I got to the point that I just had to ejaculate. No, no not yet! This feels too good, and I didn't want it to stop! It took everything I had to let go of my penis. I stood there, in the moonlight, naked, in the middle of my back yard, trying not to go into full ejaculation. It started. I bent over slightly, waves of pleasure rolling up through my whole body, my stomach tightened as I tried to stop. I could feel the load my boys had been storing up start to slide up through my tubes and out the end of my completely engorged penis. I could feel the semen sliding down my shaft, pooling on my scrotum and dripping off. I could hear it lightly splatting on the grass. Keeping my hands out to the sides slightly, palms down, I looked down at my huge cock glistening in the full moonlight, cum still sliding down. Another wave of pleasure rolled through my entire body. I tightened up my stomach and watched as semen flowed out steadily in a silky ribbon of white. I could feel an almost painful yet wonderful sensation deep in the base of my member as it strained to release it's load. I stood there, my whole body shaking, my penis throbbing up and down, screaming, please jack me off.

A slamming car door in the driveway snapped me back to reality, as I realized someone was at the house. I quickly tip toed through the grass and up on the back deck, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist, and sat down on the twin swinging chair. I heard my wife calling and I said, "I'm out here, on the back deck." She poked her head out the sliding door and said, "There you are! Did you just get home?" I replied as calmly as I could, "Yes, I had to work late, and I just got done with my shower. I came out here to look at the full moon and the stars. What brings you home early? Is everything ok?" She came out and sat down in the swing with me and told me how her mother was feeling ill, and they decided to come back home.

My hard on was not completely down and I still had a slight bulge under the towel. She placed her hand on my thigh right on top of my cock. She said "Ohh honey, you've got a bump under there. Were you missing me?" I said, "Yah, I've been kind of horney all day." She replied, "It is really pretty romantic tonight, isn't it. Why don't you just sit here while I go take a shower, and I will come and join you, ok." I grinned and asked, "You wouldn't mind if I started while you take your shower would you?" She smiled sweetly and joked, "Do you think you can still get it up at your age?" I said, "Well, I guess we'll find out. Go on in and take your shower."

As she left, I let the towel fall away, and started sliding my thumb, forefinger and middle finger slowly up and down the full length of my now softy. Slowly but surely the meat of my groin started to engorge again, and in a little while I was up to full attention. I had managed to not have a complete squirting orgasm earlier, and I was pretty sure I could with my wife. I sat there waiting, enjoying the waves of pleasure while I played with myself. In a little while she came out on the deck and walk up behind me and started rubbing my neck and shoulders, and watched as I gently stroked myself. She came around and stood in front of me and let her bath robe drop to the deck. She took some lube and put it in her palm and spread her legs and started massaging it into her vagina. I looked at her in the full moonlight rubbing the lube on her clit, her nipples hard and standing out, waiting for me to suck on. I thought to myself, what a lucky man to have been married for 30 years to this woman, and she still turns me on. I stood up and held her close, her breasts against mine, and kissed her deeply. I let my hand slide down to her sweet pussy and started masturbating her. She groaned with pleasure, reached down and grabbed my cock with her slippery hand and worked it back and forth, stopping now and then to roll her palm and fingers around on the head. She said, "Honey your head feels much bigger tonight for some reason. You must really be horney." She didn't know the half of how horney I was, especially earlier in the evening.

I grabbed her hand and said "Come on", and took her out onto the lawn and over to the picnic table. I turned her towards me and set her up on the table. The height of the table was just right for me to bend over and lick her out without having to bend my legs too much. She put her hands on the table behind her, and arched her back, thrusting her breasts out, which made her nipples stand out even further. I'm here to tell you what, for a woman of her age, she still has some awesome tits. I started kissing her thighs, and her vaginal lips, curling my tongue around her clit. Both my hands and fingers pinched and squeezed her tits and breasts. After a bit she gasped and said, "Finger me hard big boy." I stuck my thumb way up her pussy hole and massaged her clit with my two fingers, sliding my thumb in and out and letting my fingers bump over her hard protruding clit. She moaned, "Oh baby, that feels soooow good, don't stop." My prick was big, slippery, and needed to be stroked. I grabbed a hold of it with a full fist and jacked myself, all the while stroking in and out of her with my thumb and fingers. I was ready to explode, and I panted, "Honey, I'm ready to cum." She moaned back, "Go ahead baby, cum." A few more strokes, and I shot three quick spurts of semen up on her stomach and breasts. I pulled my thumb out of her sweet pussy and reached around her lips with my hand, and put my fingers right on her clit and ran them up and down her hard knot, while at the same time ejaculating six or seven or more times on my other hand pushing my sperm into her. I felt her shudder all over and explode in a deep orgasm, pushing her butt and pussy deep into me. She reached down and pushed my hand from her clit. I kept pumping my penis, feeling her orgasm again, and in just a matter of a few more seconds, she orgasmed again. We both then just kind of slowed down to a stop, and I stood there, my cock throbbing now and then, both of us breathing heavily. We separated, and she gave me a big old kiss, and said, "Thank you baby, you don't know how I needed that." All I could get out was, "Me too." With that we held hands and walked back to the deck under the full moon and stars, buck naked, and completely satisfied.



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