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Full Length Mirror

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A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with several very attractive women, one of them was Rose. She and I worked together quite a lot and spent some time on the road. She was pretty; brown eyes, slim, short hair, nice perky breasts and a perfectly rounded back-side. There were several occasions when I would retire to my hotel room after spending most of the day with her and toss-off with her in mind.

One summer day we spent most of the morning in my office at a planning meeting and I had a tough time concentrating on anything but her body. Rose had worn a tight v-neck sweater that day and it showed her breasts very nicely, I ended up with a hard-on almost the entire time. At the end of our meeting, Rose excused herself and went to meet a girlfriend for lunch.

My office is on the ground floor of the building facing the parking lot. The entire building is encased in that mirrored glass you often see on newer office buildings. In any case, after Rose left, I continued to work at my desk. Minutes later I saw Rose outside my window talking on her cell phone. I waved but got no response, I was a little offended because it appeared she was looking right at me and just blew me off.

Slowly it occurred to me that she wasn't being rude at all, she couldn't see me.

I got up from my desk and stood by the window and waved again but it was clear that all she could see was her reflection. Rose was standing on a handicapped ramp leaning on one of the rails and she looked like she might be there for awhile. I suddenly pictured myself jerking-off with full view of Rose, less than three feet away. That was an opportunity that was impossible to pass up.

I locked my door and ran back to my desk where I had a small vile of lotion in the drawer. By now my cock was rock-hard and I fumbled to free it from my pants. I grabbed a legal pad from my desk and held it in front of me as I walked around my desk to the end closest to the window. My hands shook as I slowly began to stroke my cock and take in as much of Rose as I could.

Rose was fully absorbed in her conversation and was apparently looking at herself in the window but from where I stood she was looking directly at me. This was beyond my imagination; I studied her shapely breasts and watched her eyes as they moved across her reflection. I sat on the edge of my desk only inches from the window and continued to stroke. I suddenly realized I had unconsciously lowered the legal pad to my side and I was fully exposed; cock in hand, only about two or three feet from Rose.

For just a minute, Rose turned away and leaned on the rail giving me a great view of her tight ass and then as suddenly faced me once again. I had already reached the point of no return, the pre-cum oozed with every stroke as my hand glided up and down the length of my shaft. As I felt the initial contractions of my iminent ejaculation, I stood and cum just gushed from my cock. The initial surge was so thick and heavy it made an audible plop as it tumbled to the carpet. The following spasms splayed cum on the window about knee high and cascaded down the glass to form milky white puddles on the sill.

About that time Rose was hanging up her phone and headed down the ramp. Completely spent I sat back down on the desk and waited for my legs to stop wobbling. As I sat there, it occurred to me, that I had no idea I could cum that much. One of the best sessions I ever had. Thanks Rose!



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