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Full Body Workout

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Love the site.


So I like to be nude anytime and masturbate in front of others. Usually it is my wife and sometimes it is someone else. Prior to getting married, it was a number of girl friends and a few 'friends'. My wife understands my proclivities and helps to make them interesting, different and at times, where fantasy meets reality.

I also like to work out. A few months ago I was tired of the gym that was run down with its well worn workout equipment and the weather was not good. What caught my interest was the new Xbox Kenect fitness programs. So I purchased it with some 2 different work games. I setup up in an upstairs guest room so I use it for the workouts. I enjoyed the programs and would come home at lunch time almost every day to workout. One day anything and everything I could wear for working out was in the laundry so I put on some boxers. As I worked out the boxers kept sliding down and became more of pain than anything. So I tossed them off and continued naked except for socks and shoes.

From that day on, I worked out nude. It was fun and exhilarating. Many times I ended up masturbating after. We had a full length mirror my wife wanted hung on the back of the door in that room and that added to my interest. At first I felt very awkward and weird. But , it became interesting to watch myself and especially my penis as I worked out.

My wife didn't know about my nude work outs yet and I didn't really want to tell her because it was weird and I knew it would be odd to her also. On that next weekend, my wife was out shopping so decided to I worked out nude. She returned home because she forgot something and poked her head into the room to say something only to see naked, sweaty and doing pushups. She just stood there and watched. The initial look on my face surprise, but after she did not react with anything more than a shake of her head, I continued. She chuckled and asked if I enjoyed it more this way. I said, well, you will laugh at how I got to this point if I told you, but yes, I find it makes the work out pass faster and is more fun. Shaking her head and with a laugh she said, well enjoy yourself and left. Later I asked if she cared and while she thought it funny, she did not care and told me it was fine with her.

A couple things to note. I sweat profusely. On a heavy work out I can look like I just stepped out of the shower before drying and she does not like sweaty. On the last 1/3 of the work outs are the floor exercises and cool down and I take my shoes and socks off so I am fully nude. Last, my wife knows of my fantasy where I would like to get caught nude by one of our neighbors, Patty, who is about 10 years younger than us, blue eyes, petite, feminine and athletic. But she is also gay, not that it matters to me, but it adds to the fantasy. One day Patty was over and we were talking about working out and that lead to me showing her the workout games. She really wanted to try it so I let go at it and left the room. About 45 minutes later, she comes downstairs so very sweaty and just raving how it was one of the best workouts she had in a while. My wife told her to use it anytime she wanted. We chatted some about when and how to get in the house, etc and she then left.

Roll forward a week or so. I came home after work and told my wife I was going to work out before dinner. I was in the last 1/3 of the work out, fully nude now, thinking about what I might do with my wife later in bed. So I am nude, very sweaty and getting a good erection going when in walks our neighbor. She stands in the doorway looking at me just as I stand, fully exposing myself to her. She said, 'Oh, your wife said it was ok to come up. Sorry, I will wait until you are done.' She leaves. I pull on some shorts, finish the work out and go downstairs. Everything seems normal between the girls as they laugh and talk. I blush a bit when Patty looks at me, but I detect no hint of anything odd from Patty. So the conversation goes on normally and Patty then goes up and works out and later leaves after thanking us.

A couple days later, I come home at lunch to work out and I hear someone working out upstairs. I assume correctly that it was Patty. When I peak my head in the door, I see Patty is nude. My response is first surprise, but I decide to do the same as she did when she caught me the same way. After a minute of apologizing, taking a good look and telling her I will wait until she is done, I excuse myself and begin to leave. Patty didn't try to cover up nor did she shy away from me looking at her. Patty then says, 'you can join me if you wish I just started and we can restart the work out'.

We restarted the exercise so was set for two people and began. I stripe off everything except my shoes and socks. After 40 minutes we are in a full sweat and begin floor exercises and we sit on the floor facing each other. I slip off my shoes and socks. Patty is about 34C with a smooth, shaven pussy. She is silky with sweat and her pussy lips puffy. I am rock hard and she notices me looking at her and when I look up into her eyes, she peers down and stares at my cock. Without talking her eyes off penis, she says, 'your wife told me you like to be naked in front of others, especially women. You do have a nice cock. I bet you make her feel good.' I said, wow, I didn't know she shared that with you.

We continue to look at each other as we finish the work out. When we are done, we stand up, and she steps up to me and gives me a full, skin to skin hug. My cock is throbbing and her sweaty, hot skin feels insanely erotic. As she continues to hold me, I move my hands around her back, squeeze her bottom a bit and feel my cock throb against her. She holds me off just enough so she can look at my penis and watch it throb with each heart beat.

She then releases me and with one hand going to her pussy and says, 'Well, now it is time finish our full body work out. Let me see you cum. Jack for me and pump it out onto my tits.' She kneels down, legs spread enough to work her hand on her pussy lips. I begin to masturbate while watching her. I have a twinge of gilt and stop what I am doing and say, 'you know my wife will not like this one bit! I think we have gone too far already'. Patty says, 'Nope, it is ok. She told me about your fantasy and I told her I would love to help you with it. She said it was ok with her. I also told her I have a fantasy about working out in the nude with another person and she said it would be fine with her. So give me all the cum you can pump out.'

I was a bit surprised to think this was almost a setup and prior approval was given. But after a hesitation, I began to masturbate. Patty came hard soon and it was only a few more strokes when I gushed a load onto her chest. The first squirt hit her in the neck and chin. The rest between her breast and down her belly. She then wiped the cum from her chin with her finger and tasted it as she got up. She pulled on some clothes and left. I was spent.

When we were first home together, my wife had a funny smile on her face. I asked her what's up and she said she got an email from Patty today and it said you guys had a great 'full body workout'. I smiled and said, 'yeah, we did'.



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