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Full Body Favoring

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Keeping up the payments


This is a long story, but it is about a long session!

Whenever I find I have fallen into the habit of using masturbation as 'quickie sex,' I try to 'change the conversation.'

Such was the situation last night. My wife died recently, and I sleeping alone for the first time in many years. We had a wonderful relationship, which makes losing her even harder, no doubt. But among the wonderful things about our relationship was our openness about masturbating.

She was sick a long time, and our sex life became increasingly about masturbation, primarily my doing it in front of her, her masturbating me or helping me to get off, or some combination of the above.

So, when I couldn't sleep last night, the natural thing was to start playing with my cock. To my surprise, it responded very quickly.

Surprise, because I have been masturbating a lot lately, two or even three or more times a day, and I had thought that maybe I didn't have another one in me just then. It does seem, though, that the more you do it, the more you can do it, even at my age.

Some of this may be because I am fortunate to be in very good shape. I eat well, don't drink or smoke, keep my weight under control, and engage in aerobic exercise at least five times a week, primarily swimming. But I think it is also because I make an effort, as I did last night, to make sure that I am not taking my sexuality for granted.

Cock in hand, I started stroking, the other hand tweaking my nipple. This is such a standard technique that my left nipple is actually more developed than my right. (A sex therapist told me once she can always tell whether a patient is right or left handed by looking at their nipples!).

I could feel my cock and my nipple hardening, and I was really starting to get into it, when I found myself thinking about just how soon I could get it over with and go back to trying to get to sleep. 'No,' I told myself. 'Wrong.'

In another minute I was out of bed, getting my cock strap, favorite massage oil, finger massager's, and 'Betty's barbell.' The latter two toys I hadn't thought about in years, which right away told me it was time to rediscover their joys.

The massager's are little plastic thingies that look almost like miniature sandals with nubs on the soles. The Body Shop sells them. 'Betty's barbell' is an invention of Betty Dodson's that you can find on her website.

I put strap under my balls and wrapped it up over my cock and snapped it good and tight. I pushed down as far on my scrotum as I could get it. In no time my cock was beyond the eight inch mark, heading toward nine, and my balls were swelling nicely and standing almost straight up. I love the way they look when they are tied to my cock, and the way it feels to run my fingernails or the finger massagers against them.

I rubbed plenty of oil in my cock, working down to include my balls and then my asshole. I am always smoothly shaved, which for me is a visual as well as sensual treat.

Then I started in with the oil on my chest, going rubbing it in good from my neck to well below my nipples. Working in a swirling motion, I moved closer and closer to my nipples, until, by the time I touched them, the effect was nearly electric, and a thousand times more stimulating than the tweaking they were getting before.

Next I put on the finger massagers, and worked the oil on my chest in the same motions I had before, pressing the massagers into my chest muscles. I worked them in tandem, one on each side, coming down between my nipples, working around the outside and under them until they touched.

Now I was ready to go to work on my nipples. Both responded ecstatically. In my younger days, I have actually had an orgasm this way; think I still could, probably, if I were to devote a Saturday afternoon to it, with the phone off and maybe a good video on the DVD player.

I kept playing with my nipples, pressing the massage fingers deeper and deeper into them, and then stroking each nipple simultaneously until they were really twanging.

The precum was oozing out of my cock now. Each time the sensation of the massagers on my nipples began to recede, I repeated the exercise, starting with my upper chest, working down between my breast, then around the outside and under them, pressing the massagers in harder and harder before going back to the nipples. Each time, the nipples responded as though recharged, and I was getting hotter and hotter.

Then I turned back to my cock, rubbing it up and down while I used one of the fingers on my balls. I rubbed the top of my balls, working away from the strap while I did the same with my hand stroking my cock. This stretched the skin on cock and balls and heightened the effect of my hand each time it passed over my glans.

Now I was fully flushed, not only my face but my upper chest. Whenever I get like this, I think of my college girlfriend, who was a redhead. I always knew how close she was to coming by how far the redness that started on her forehead had spread down her chest.

My finger started playing with my asshole, massaging it with the massager, first lightly, then harder and harder, until I was just holding it directly over the opening and pressing it in. This put the little fingers part way into my ass, and I twisted my finger a little this way and that, heightening the sensation. It was like someone was gently strumming on the sides of my anus, and it felt so wonderful.

The barbell was next. I oiled it up, and then pressed the big end against my anus. The pressure of the massager had already started to relax it. I raised one leg, and pressed a little harder. I could feel the head of the barbell begin to make its way. A great feeling for a guy, especially, I've always felt. A chance to see just how uptight an asshole you've become since the last time you took it in the ass!

In another minute, the head of the barbell was inside me. I stopped there to fully enjoy the sensation; with the head inside, the ring just below it was tickling my anus. Then I worked the barbell in further, pushing it up against the side, as well, so that my prostate would get the full benefit.

The massaging effect felt wonderful. It was like adding several more inches to the length of my dick, on both ends! My cock stuck out farther in front of me, and I could enjoy its deep base and my throbbing glans simultaneously.

Soon the barbell was fully inserted, except for the flared end that served to ensure retrieval! I let go and put my leg down, moving to a semi-sitting position so that I could experience the weight of the barbell inside me more fully. It wasn't long, though, before I was rocking on it, squeezing my sphincter against its hard steel. In another few minutes, I had remembered how, with rocking and squeezing to use the barbell to gently fuck myself, while I worked my cock and ran my fingernails over my balls.

Now I was ready for some serious edging, working right up to the brink of coming, then backing off, again and again.

The next time I looked at the clock, nearly an hour had elapsed since I had snapped on the cock strap. 'Long enough,' I decided. I closed my eyes, picked up the pace. The thrusting and squeezing and stroking moved faster and faster. Then I was coming, jolt after jolt moving from my groin to the top of my head and the tips of my toes.

I released the strap, and lay there tingling for a few minutes. Then I raised my leg again and gently and slowly, removed the barbell. When it was out, I lay on my back again. I could feel where the weight of it had been. The muscles of my ass and the inside of my legs were trembling. Even the next day, I was aware of the inside of my buttocks and even my tail bone, in a way that I hadn't been since, well, since I had last had this particular version of a very good time!



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