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Fulfill Your Desire

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I too have had the desire to taste my own semen as I'm masturbating. I guess I get so horny that I just want to do the kinkiest thing I can think of at the time. Over the years I have been able to satisfy this urge in five different ways. The first way is my least favorite. It's also the first way I've ever done it. It's real simple. Put on some shades and lay on your back. Throw your legs over your head and jerk off into your mouth. By the time you no longer want to do it it's too late. It's already in your mouth. Your semen doesn't even have time to cool. It's still warm when it gets into your mouth. The shades prevent any hot sperm from getting into your eyes. You will miss some. The best way to do this is if your spouse is as freaky as mine and wants to see it. You must be sure of your manhood to perform this for your girl though. You will look similar to every girl you ever saw getting a facial.

The second way is for those days when you know you have a little time to get yourself worked back up again. Simply cum into a cup and give it time. Over the next 10+ minutes you will have worked yourself back to a horny state and at the same time your semen will change its composition. Instead of being thick & white, it will be clear and more liquid. The taste is also better. Bottoms up.

The third way is to jerk off in your food although you will lose the taste almost all together.

The fourth way is for those really long days of jerking off. If you constantly keep getting close to the edge, eventually you will accidently start to spill some of your juice without actually having an orgasm. Sometimes you will have a puddle of pre-cum which I will admit is actually kind of sweet. Sometimes you will have a mixture of pre-cum and semen in different proportions. Anyway, because you didn't actually have an orgasm but just released a little the urge is still with you. It's hard to do without actually cumming but with practice you too can get good at knowing just when to stop.

The fifth and funnest way for me is with the help of my wife. I have sex with her and give her a creampie. If she didn't orgasm before me she will sometimes masturbate for me which turns me on again. Once I'm all horny again I just eat her out.

So there you have five ways that you can fulfill your desire. Trust me it works. You also have my written proof that I masturbate way too often. Lol. Have fun.



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