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Frozen Semen

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This site has been the source of so many orgasm over the last 4 years or so, that I have lost count, but it must be many hundreds, if not a thousand. I masturbate virtually every day(sometimes up to three), except when I'm with my girlfriend.
I have been masturbating since I was a little boy. I remember playing with my little penis, getting hard immediately and continuing until I reached a climax. As young boys, a few friends and I often wanked together, mostly sitting in a circle with a bar of soap and a bowl of water. Being uncut, three of us didn't need the soap, our foreskins supplying sufficient stimulation, but the others were cut and squished away with the soapy water. My best friend's sister was my girlfriend, and her best friend was his girlfriend. We spent many hours exploring each other and playing doctor, which ended in an attempt to get my little dick into her pussy, but the penetration was not very successful. As we got older, the girls became less willing to show their pussies, and I became more aware of my growing body. When i shot my first load of semen, it was a huge turn on for me, and I couldn't get enough of squirting. I was besotted by the smell of pussy, and often 'borrowed' my girlfriend's panties, without her knowledge. I used to smell the crotch of the panties, sometimes wetting it with my precum, which released some of the aroma. Then I would shoot my come into the panties, and hide them away in my cupboard, until my mother discovered my treasure ! There was no way out so I had to confess to my dad. He was a doctor and didn't have too many hangups about it.
I have been divorced for 8 years and have lived alone for most of it. Although involved in relationships, I have not given up my freedom and that allows me freedom to go into lengthy spells of masturbation. Some years ago, I thought of cumming into a container and freezing it. Initially I was trying to see how much I could collect, and I used a concom to collect my semen. Eventually the condom had become the size of a beer bottle, and I started filling up a plastic container with a lid. In the end I had a big collection, and I had to get rid of it. I put the frozen contents of the containers into the condom, which then swelled to the size of a milk bottle. I waited until I went down the beach again, and put the condom at the bottom of a cooler box, and while I was fishing on a quiet beach, I dropped the condom at the water side, away from my 'stand'. Then I waited and watched people going up to the swollen condom and staring at it. It turned me on knowing it was my semen, especially when it was a woman or girl staring at it. Unfortunately, the waves eventually took the condom and I didn't see it again. Nowadays, I freeze my cum in a small glass bottle and when I want to lubricate my penis for a lengthy cession, I let it defrost a little and then pour it over my cock. As I stroke my hard cock I get the smell of my semen, which always turns me on, and I can get right up to an orgasm, stop for a few seconds, and then go on again. Usually, I stop shooting into a full container and start a fresh one, which then becomes full as the other one is getting empty. My grilfriend loves me to use my frozen cum on her pussy. I often put the frozen bottle gently on her pussy and slowly work it between her lips. She also loves the cold feeling, but I am careful not to keep it in her vagina too long. She prefers me to use a long pen container which goes deep into her pussy, and she also likes me wet her nipples with the cold defrosted semen. Then I work a rubber replica of my penis slowly into her cunt, with the help of my cum. It is a pleasure for both of us especially as we do 69, and I get the smell of my cum while watching my rubber penis moving in and out of her cunt, licking her clit at the same time. It often ends in a similtaneous orgasm, or I shoot my load and she comes soon after.
It gives me great pleasure, sitting at my computer and reading all these wonderful accounts of masturbation, especially the females, and squirting long ribbons of semen into a bottle. Try it, most people would like it, and keep up the good contributions !! This is my first contribution, and I will do so again.



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