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Frosh Week

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I'm a first year university student and have had some wild experiences recently. This one is about my fun during frosh week this past September.

I've been touching myself as long as I can remember and have had many fun extended sessions over my adolescence (as my smooth, curvy body developed), often using different paraphenalia from around the house.

I had my first clitoral orgasm by humping the rubber end of a plastic birdie (shuttlecock)on top of a pillow (bizzare, eh?). My first vaginal orgasm happened with a tube dispenser. I've also tried (my own version of) anal beads, markers, bottles of nailpolish and entire mini hairbrushes (the ones that have a key ring on the end). I had some thick bamboo-shaped candles (probably two or more inches in diameter), which I had to work up to using (it was worth it, never before or since those lovely things have I had an orgasm as intense as only being filled to capacity can give me). Anyway, since I discovered my g-spot (using that mini brush) I don't need anything nature hasn't given me to have a great time. I suck on my fairly large nipples until they're purple and square. then I use the middle finger of my right hand to gather the juices pouring out of my hole and use them to wet my clitoris. with my left hand stimulating my g spot, just inside my hole, I rub my clit to a quick, complete, satisfying climax. I don't know how normal this is, but I have never involuntarily vocalised (screams, moans, etc.) before, during or after an orgasm.

I'm horny all the time; the two boyfriends who I had (penetration) sex with had a hard time keeping up with me. Naturally, I started to make new sexual memories the minute I arrived at my university dorm, half a country away from everyone I knew.

During the frosh week, there were nonstop parties going on, as expected, as we all got to know one another. I love lesbian porn and I like to fantasize about lesbian encounters, but I had never done anything with a girl until now.

I was at a party in a different dorm when I met a gorgeous, busty redhead named Brooke. She and I hit it off right away. We talked and flirted the whole night. Flirting with her, being close to her, smelling her musky odour turned me on beyond belief. At about 4:00am, I found myself unwilling to drag myself across campus to my dorm. I boldly asked Brooke if I could crash on her floor for the night.

We headed over to her place, just a short walk down the alley and got soaked to the bone in the heavy downpour of rain. Inside, Brooke stripped her clothes off and stood in the middle of the room, her pale skin luminous in the dark, her (surprisingly) small pink nipples standing out from divine breasts.

She asked me what I was waiting for. I froze but she came over and undid the button and zip on my jeans, pulling them down most sensuously. My clitoris ached as juices from my hole soaked my panties through. I got into it now, pulling my t-shirt over my head, but waiting for Brooke to unclasp my lacy black bra.

As she did, she traced the outline of my spine with a finger, which gave me goosebumps from head to toe and made my nipples swell and get really hard.

I turned around to look her in the eye and caressed her amazing ass, then licked one bubblegum nipple while pinching and rolling the other. Brooke began to emit soft moans as she reached in to play with my nipples and slipped one finger inside my soaking wet slit.

Something like an electric shock went through me and I bit the nipple I was sucking on, although not hard, and Brooke cried out. she pushed me on the bed, catching me off guard.

I thought she wanted to stop, but she only changed the pace, putting three fingers inside me, then four, and finally fisting me and tracing quick circles around my clitoris, causing my back to arch with each pump of her fist. I felt the orgasm start from deep withing my abdomen and then spread until finally I felt the tightening around her hand, and my whole body began to shake and my back to arch.

I was still climaxing when she pulled her hand out of me and shoved my face to her breast, placing my hand on her pussy. I began to return the favour, biting her nipples playfully now and flicking her clitoris in a way I knew was an infuriating mix of pleasure and pain, and fingering her g spot.

Brooke was a vocaliser, unlike me. she moaned really loud and writhed around on the bed so that at one point I thought she might be convulsing and nearly stopped. she screamed out for me to continue, so I did and she did the most erotic, writhing, rippling dance that I have ever seen to my loving.

I stopped sucking her (by now, purple) nipples to watch those beautiful delicate lips while she came. She moaned even deeper and louder after that, and I have to say that my own orgasm lasted throughout the time I masturbated her.

I didn't pull my hand out of her as she had done to me. We fell asleep the way we were. I woke up with her cunt right in front of my face, so I decided to wake her up with my fingers. She must have been more sensitive than I thought because her whole body convulsed with each movement. She finally woke up fully and smiled at me.

We did everything all over again that morning and have continued to get together three times a week for sex.



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