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From Shower To Circle Jerk in a Few Days

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It was late summer and I was at a soccer team camp. The whole team slept in a large dorm and there was one area with showers, toilets and urinals at the end. A lot happened in that week!

My bed was at the end of the room near the bathroom so I had a pretty good idea of who went in there when. One of the guys, a year older than myself (16) seemed to go in there every day for about five minutes and I wouldn't hear the shower running. I was intrigued so one day I followed him in 5 minutes after he went in. One of the stalls was occupied and I guessed he must be in there, I was about to leave when I heard the door unlock, I stood there, at the other end of the room and saw him walk out of the stall, butt naked with his 7 inch cock pointing right up at the ceiling.

He saw me there and didn't seem surprised, he said, 'hey, what you doin?' I was amazed and answered, oh just takin a shower, this was a lie but it just came out as I was thinking more about the rapidly growing cock filling my shorts. He still didn't seem surprised or embarrassed, so I asked what he was doing, he said he was, 'havin a quick wank' this turned me on SO much!

I asked if I could join him and he said that he would love that, we walked down to the showers, I stripped and he dumped his pile of clothes. He jacked me first, it was awesome!!! I blew a massive load all over his abdomen as he had been jacking me off whilst I sat straddling him.

It was then my turn, I grabbed his monster, scooped up a lot of my juice and rubbed it in. It wasn't long before he began to moan and his whole body quaked under me. He was writhing around as I jacked him off, my semi-hard dick flopping on his rhythmically pulsating balls. He came, the most cum I had ever seen in my life. It splatted across his chest and some hit his face, I licked it off, we showered and then went back to the dorm.

Later on in the week, once the junior team had left, us, the older ones were left alone for an evening as our leaders were in the other hut. The guy who had been in the shower with me started talking about wanking to various people and before long had dropped his tracksuit trousers and slowly pulled down his white briefs, allowing one very hard monster to jump out and stand to attention. He began whacking off, right there in the middle of the dorm. Before long everyone's pants were round their ankles and we all stood there jerking off around a table. We stroked each other's cocks and soon the jizz began flowing. Each guy shot his load onto the table or over the lucky guy opposite him, the cum flowed for several minutes and then we were all out.

We slept naked that night and throughout the night guys were jackin off or pairing off and jacking each other. Bring on next year's camp!



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