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From Russia With Lust

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Up until last year, I really loved the summer, I could slob around the house and do and wear whatever I liked. Up until last year that is. My parents announced they were going to take in a foreign student. We ended up with a really arrogant French boy who really thought he was something. In fact, I found him really creepy. He was always trying to look up my skirt and towards the end of his stay I would find things moved around in my room. The day I found my panties missing was the last straw. Fortunately, he left two days after that. So later in the Summer, when my folks said they were having another student I was really upset. I didn't speak to them for days. Eventually the fateful day arrived and the student turned up. Her name was Trude and she was from Russia. She was 16 and totally beautiful. As she was female, my parents decided we could share my room. The first few days were great, we goofed around and had a great time. On the third night, after we went to bed, I heard something. It was deep breathing, but more than that. There was a mounting tension to it and it suddenly hit me that Trude was masturbating. The thought sent an immediate thrill through me and a sudden bout of wetness erupted from me. I slipped my hand between my own legs and started to keep time with her. It was going really well until Trude moved and her quilt slipped gently to the floor. The moonlight allowed me to see that she was totally shaved between her legs. (Unlike me) and she had one hand rubbing her clit in fast jerky circles, and her left hand was curled around behind her and one of her long elegant fingers was buried deep in her ass. She arched her back and I could see clearly as her orgasm hit, the muscles between her legs clenched and relaxed in a delicious rhythm that sent me over the edge too.

The next day, Trude asked me if I had heard anything in the night. I colored up immediately of course and I knew I had to tell her the truth. 'I heard you masturbating, if that's what you mean?' She giggled and told me that she knew I was watching and it tuned her on so much she had kicked her quilt off on purpose.

That night, we were a little careful around each other. Neither of us wanted to ask the obvious question of 'Are you going to do it tonight' After about an hour of chatting in bed, I gradually drifted off to sleep. I woke to find Trude in bed with me. She was stroking my breasts and tracing her finger up and down my tummy. She had already lifted my t shirt high over my breasts and by the time I was fully awake, she was tracing the line of my panties. I was aching for her to go on lower which to my delight she did. I decided to let her know I was now awake so I whispered, 'Trude, don't stop. I want you to touch me.' She nestled in closer and kissed my cheek and my neck before giving me a full on kiss with her tongue exploring my mouth. She pulled back a little and whispered back 'No, you want me to fuck you, don't you, you little slut.' Now, talking dirty has always been a huge turn on for me. (I remember the first blow job I ever gave when I was 15. The guy had twisted my hair in his hand and said 'Suck my cock you little cunt.' He didn't know it, but just saying that made me wet right through my jeans!) Trude began kissing down my body and somehow kissed my panties right off. I don't really know how to describe what I mean, but thats how it felt. She just kissed right down me and somehow, my panties were on the floor. Then she kissed back up each thigh. When I was trembling with excitement she kissed right up me again to my breasts. (Which, sadly are not very big at all, but REAL sensitive.) She took my left nipple in her mouth as her hands worked my pussy. I felt it would be any second and I think Trude knew it because she suddenly, and quite hard bit my nipple. The pleasure/pain shot through me and I cummed long and hard. I managed to splutter 'My ass'. Trude took the hint and buried her finger right up my ass. Something no one had ever done to me before. As my orgasm, which showed no sign of stopping kept pulsing she moved her finger in and out of my ass and said. 'You like being fucked in the ass?' I couldn't answer as I was working so hard on NOT screaming the fucking place down.

Eventually, I calmed down and almost forced Trude onto her back. I was in such a hurry to get at her, I tore two buttons off the PJ top she was wearing. Trude seemed to really like the 'rape' thing and to my delight struggled a little, but not too much. I knew she wanted me to carry on. I forced three fingers inside her and finger fucked her hard, while at the same time I kissed down her belly. I really wanted to see what I was doing so I got her over onto all fours and carried on with the finger fuck. Then, oh shit, then I really had an uncontrollable urge to kiss her ass. I kissed each cheek and then Trude cummed really hard and I felt every twitch.

We fell asleep in each others arms. The rest of her stay with us was fantastic. Especially the weekend my parents went to visit family. Trude and I did some stuff that weekend that I can't print here.

I am going to visit Trude in Russia in a few months time. We have been writing dirty letters to each other and her English is doing just fine!



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