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From Pee To O!

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When hormonal and pissed off with the little things in life, get a guy to finger fuck you on the loo.


I knew today was going to be a bad day. Like it was just small things but shit I was starting to get pissed off. It didn't help that I was near my period and feeling hormonal anyway. First I discovered that there was no hot water for the shower. Next no milk, my flatmate Fiona who could be an empty headed bitch at times hadn't bothered to get any before she left for work. I decided to get into my shorts and running shoes and combine my exercise with getting some supplies at the dairy which was about 2k's down the road. Of course by the time I got halfway home a sudden storm came over and I got soaked and, to top it all off the coffee I had drunk was making my bladder burst. I got home cold, wet and desperately needing to pee.

I stormed into the bathroom and decided to strip off my wet clothes. Just as I sat down Fiona's brother Alex wandered in. I hadn't shut and locked the door! Plus I'd forgotten that he was staying with us for the week.

When he saw me his jaw fell open and he just stood gaping. Like his sister he could be an airhead. Cute, surfie blond, nice abs, cute wee arse and about a year younger than me, but an airhead 'Shiiit! He said, still gaping 'gees...er' 'Oh yeah don't mind me!' I snarled 'you wanna see a girl pee?' I opened my legs showing my freshly waxed pussy 'There! Have a good perv!' Suddenly, to my surprise, the vacant look left Alex's face 'Yeah, sure, kinda kinky but hey.' And he just stood there grinning from ear to ear. And I suddenly found myself aroused, especially with that bulge in the front of his pants. Why not?

So he could see clearly as I sat, legs well apart. To my real surprise, instead of just standing at the door Alex sauntered in and squatted next to my leg. Then he reached over and gently teased my pussy lips apart! I gasped at him then sighed in relief as a stream of steaming silver/gold liquid poured from my piss slit and sluiced against the bowl. Alex was watching intently, still holding me open, with his big, slightly goofy grin I began to like so much. I relaxed and started really enjoying the experience. Alex kissed my thigh as I stroked his hair. Slowly my flow eased then trickled to a stop. I squeezed slightly to release the last drops. 'That's all' I said. I was kind of wishing I could pee for longer. I had never thought of it as something erotic until now. Little did I know!

Alex reached over and grabbed some tissue. Gently he wiped my open vulva and thighs and dried his hand. I was about to stand when he slid two fingers into me. 'Al...uhhhhhhh....UHHH!' was all I could-squeal. His thumb had gently teased at my sopping piss slit! My hips shuddered as a wonderful shock ran through my urethra and up my spine! My well lubricated vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers. Another spasm hit me! I groaned aloud. He just grinned and slowly slid his fingers in and out. I could feel my vaginal juice oozing out of me with each stroke. He caressed my piss slit again. I only yelped and squirmed with another convulsive series of shocks. My vaginal muscles rippled and squeezed tighter as Alex continued to play with my wet urethra.

And I came...ooooh so hard. How can I describe an orgasm while sitting on the toilet?! I squirted girl-come over Alex's hand and onto the floor. And he leaned over and kissed my inner thigh. Another little spasm in response and I was leaning back shaky, but oh so happy!

A few minutes later I stood up and gave him a hug and snog, grinding my appreciative pussy against the bulge in his track pants. Then he quietly pulled out his man-meat, raised the toilet seat and stood in front. I held his cock and aimed it as he peed. I touched his piss slit and he squirmed and laughed. And when he had finished and wiped his dripping cock I knelt down and took his mushroom head into my hand and.......my day just got better and better.



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