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From My First Orgasm On...

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What a wonderful way to grow up


I never knew my father, he died when I was 2. I was raised by my mother who worked two jobs to make ends meet. When I was 6 we moved to Florida in order to be close to my Moms sister. She had a house and we moved in with her. This way we helped her with the mortgage and Mom got someone to watch me while she worked.
Aunt Ann was about 36 and a little overweight. The first week we moved in my Mom got a job nights so I was left with my aunt. The first night we were alone my aunt said it was time for a shower and bed. She followed me into the bathroom and to my surprise as I got undressed so did Aunt Ann. She had large breasts with big round dark arolas and big nipples. She had a large bush of black pubic hair. She turned on the water and got in and pulled me in with her. She prooceeded to wash me all over especialy in my private area. This felt real good. After a while she told me to get out and dry off while she finished her shower. While I dried off I herd her moaning over the shower noise. I didn't know what she was doing. We did this every night except when my Mom was home. I loved it when Aunt Ann washed my privates It felt so good. I wished she would do it longer but I was afraid to ask her.One day when Aunt ann was washing my back while I was facing her, my face was in front of her crotch. I was stering at it and getting a funny feeling in my own crotch. I leaned forward and burried my face in her hair. Aunt Ann pulled me closer as she continued to wash my back. After Aunt Ann finished my back she told me to get out and dry off. I got up the nerve and asked her if I could wash her. She said it was OK but it had to be our secret and I was never to tell my mother. I said OK. I took the soap and washed her legs and fanny, then I started on her vigina. It felt real good so nice and slipprey. I was lost in the fun I was having when I herd a moan from Aunt Ann. I quickly stopped. 'Whats the matter?' I asked. 'Nothing dear, It just feels so good.' 'Yes I know ' I replied. 'When you are washing me there I love it and wish it would last longer.' Aunt Ann said, 'I think we better get out now, you towel off and I'll finish in here.'
I got out but instead of going out in the bath room I stayed by the shower and peeked around the shower curtain. I watched Aunt ann with one soapy hand on her pussy and one on her big tittie, both were working real fast and the moaning was very loud.
The next night my Mom was home but the following night when we got in the shower and when Aunt Ann was washing my pussy I asked her if she would do it for a little longer. She asked me why and I said it felt real good and I wanted to make noises like she did when I watched her washing herself. 'You watched me?' she asked. Very embarised I replied Yes. 'Have you ever played with your cunny?' she asked. I told her that I rubbed it once in a while, but after a while I got a feeling like I needed to pee so I stopped. She said, 'If you promis not to tell anyone I'll show you something real good.' I promised and she proceeded to wash my cunny like it was never washed before. Her soapy fingers were all over my lips and my clit and she even put one finger in part way. I was in extacy and very soon got that feeling and told Aunt Ann she better stop or I was going to pee. But she kept it up and all of a sudden I got this tremendous feeling, my clit started to pulsate and this feeling spread all thru my crotch. My legs got week and I had to sit down on the shower floor. 'Wow!' I said, 'Aunt Ann that was great, I loved it.' 'Now You do that to me.' she said.I got up and took the soap and she said,'Start by washing my titties.' I took the bar of soap and started to soap up her titties. That felt sooooo good. I squeezed them and pinched the nipples and I started to get that feeling in my cunny again. She then pushed my hand down to her pussy and I proceeded to do to her what she did to me. In now time at all she started to buck her hips so hard I had a hard time keeping my hand busy in her twat. She came in a hail of moans and strong contractions of her clit. We got out and she said, 'NOw don't tell anyone about this amd we can do it again.'
This went on for about a year. We would masterbate each other almost every night. One night we were in the shower and I asked her to do me and she said 'Would you like to try something new?' I said sure. She said to dry off and we would go into her room. Once there she told me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. She proceeded to bury her face in my cunny and lick and suck until I had three orgasms. When she lifted her face up it was covered with my juices. That was wonderful I replied. 'Now its your turn.' she said and without any hesitation I dove in. I loved it and couldn't get enough. We did a lot more over the years, but that is another story.



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