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From Embarrassment To Bliss

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We were at a graduation party down on the beach playing a game. Not only the view got to me but also what a feel!


A bunch of us headed to the coast for a graduation party when I was 17. At the party, we started playing a game that involved a boy and a girl as a team. We drew names to get a partner and I got this girl named Patsy. She wasn't the prettiest girl there but did she ever have a great body. I had never done anything considered sexual with a girl up till then having only kissed. The girls were all wearing bikinis and boys swim suits. I was having a hard time keeping my dick under control seeing all the half naked girls around me. It was constantly wanting to get hard.

The game involved the girls getting on the back of the boys with our arms supporting them by wrapping around there legs. My and Patsy's turn came and she jumped up on my back and I wrapped my arms and hands around her legs. As we played the game, naturally I couldn't help but feel her legs against my sides and my arms and hands. This was as close as I'd ever been to a girl like that and actually getting to feel a girls legs and it was more than arousing to me. I couldn't control my dick any longer. Not while feeling Patsy's legs like I was. They felt so wonderfully soft to me. I knew my dick was going to become very obvious to everybody the way it was growing in my suit and there was no way I could hide it in that thing. So, I had to quit and run Patsy to the side and get her off.

Patsy got off and asked me what was wrong. I sure didn't know what to tell her. I certainly didn't want to come out with 'Feeling your legs gave me a hard on' or something to that effect. I just looked at her and stuttered. About that time she saw it. I was then pretty much fully erect. She said 'Did I do that to you'? I looked down and saw it. My dick was really showing through my suit. I shook my head yes and said 'I'm sorry. I couldn't help it touching you like that'.

What I didn't know was that Patsy had been around boys a lot including their hard ons. She knew all about them and what to do with them. She said 'Let's go to your van a minute and I'll help you out'. I had no idea what she meant but I went along with her. I was in our family van for the day and we went there. We got in it and Patsy said to start it and turn on the air. I did and she then said 'Let's get in the back'. I was by then beginning to get excited thinking maybe something was going to happen. Something I'd only dreamed about involving my dick and a girl.

We got in the back and sat next to each other. The windows were tinted and no one could see in. Patsy put her hand on my leg and said 'This feel good to you'? I said 'Yes'. She then moved her hand up and put it over my very obvious dick. I was rock hard. She put her hand on it and started rubbing on it. She again said 'This feel good'. I said 'Does it ever'. She then reached up to the waist line and said 'Let's pull these down'. I gladly helped her get them down. I was letting a girl see my dick for the first time. It was literally bouncing a little with excitement. She then put her hand around it. She sure knew exactly what she was doing. There was no doubt that she had done this before. She started slowly stroking it. She said 'Go ahead. Feel my legs. That's what got you like this to begin with'. I put my hand on her thigh and ran it over it feeling it. I then ran it to her soft inner thigh. This really felt good and I stretched out in the seat a little. Patsy then speeded up the stroking a little and held my dick toward my stomach. I started thrusting my hips a little as the feelings of my orgasm built up. I then felt my balls tighten up just like they always do when I'm about to cum and off I went. The way Patsy was holding my dick all the cum ended up on my stomach. She knew.

She got my towel and wiped her hand and my stomach cleaning off all the cum. I had really turned off a lot and the orgasm I had was powerful. I'm sure it was because of Patsy, her hand and her legs. When I was pulling my suit back up I asked her how she knew what to do. She said she had been giving boys hand jobs for two years. I said 'I sure wish I had asked you out'. She said 'Well, now you know. Anytime you want'. You better believe it. I was on the phone with her that very evening after we all got in from that trip and I made a date with her. She ended up showing me so much.



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