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From Embarrassed to Pleasure

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This is about my very first sexual event involving a girl. I was only 16 as was my girlfriend. Really went from one extreme to the other in a very short time.


I and my girlfriend had been going together just over a month or so. All we had done was real quick good night kisses and this was both our first time at this. One weekend afternoon, we were at a small shopping mall and in my mother's car. We got in the car and were sitting and talking. We make eye contact and next thing I knew we were in each other's arms kissing!

The kiss did a number on me. I ended up with a big boner in my slacks. When we broke from the kiss, my girlfriend glanced down real quick and she saw it. When she did, she pulled back taking in a gasp of air. I looked at her and saw her looking down at my lap. I looked down and was horrified at what I saw. My dick was plain as day in those slacks. I turned real red in the face and put my hand over it trying to hide it all the while saying, 'I'm sorry' to her. She then looked at me and had a little smile on her face. She then looked back down and said to me, ' Did I make you like that'? I said 'I couldn't help it. It happened when we kissed'. She then said 'Please move your hand. It's OK'. I could hardly believe my ears. She wanted to see my dick. What 16 year old boy wouldn't be excited about this. I gladly removed my hand and watched her looking at it. It made my dick jump with joy, I know. She then asked, 'Is it okay if I touch it'? 'If you want to' I answered, but was thinking to myself 'YES, PLEASE'!

She reached over touching it with her finger tips. I jumped with excitment. She then said 'I wish I could see it'. With this, I started the car and took off as I wanted to get out of that parking lot. I turned down a quiet street and asked her, 'You still want to see it'? She said 'Yes, if it's OK'. I parked and opened my fly and reached in and took it out. It was such a thrill having her see it for real. She reached over to touch it again and when she did I put my hand on hers and showed her how to 'play' with it. As soon as I pulled my hand away, it happened. I was so excited that I couldn't help myself and I came! She got to see her first cumshot and also got to see and feel what cum was like first hand. It went on her hand and arm as well as my shirt and slacks. And, nothing to clean off with. I had to take off my under shirt to be able to wipe off the cum.

From then on, we always made sure we had napkins when we went out. She also broke me in about girls and what they like too. Memories, memories, memories.



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