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From Dull To Incredible

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My love life started off dull but what an ending!


From dull to incredible

When I was twenty and starting to date what was to become my first wife we did a little kissing, cuddling and fondling in the car when I took her home but that was about it. She was raised by a rather Victorian mother and had been taught sex was reserved only for marriage.

I was a virgin concerning actually 'going all the way' as my Dad would have killed me had I made someone pregnant and I respected his wishes.

In those days, the late 40's to early 50's, there was no such thing as sex education and she admitted she and her girl friends had never discussed it and she said she never masturbated as she was taught good girls didn't touch themselves 'down there'. I later found masturbation was a dirty word to her.

I thought our sexual relationship would be better after we were married but the honeymoon was really just a quickie. It was my first time and in only seconds into intercourse without fully penetrating I came. Of course she didn't climax as she hadn't ever experienced the sensation. The only way she finally learned to enjoy a climax was when I stimulated her clitoris.

As time went by it became better but she would never initiate love making. I did convince her to play with my dick a bit but not to the point she would give me a hand job and let me cum.

I finally did convince her to give me a hand job but only if I covered my dick with a handkerchief as she had never seen cum and thought it was gross and was only meant to happen during intercourse.

We had sex rather frequently the first few months, then it slowed down to about once a week and eventually much less. I had masturbated (beat my meat or beat off) since I was 13 so I resorted to taking long showers to take care of the daily urge. One day before she came home I took a condom and masturbated but forgot to flush it. When she came home and found it she threatened to divorce me if she caught me doing it again! I actually had to convince her I had masturbated and hadn't had sex with another woman.

As the years went by we didn't discuss sex and the only way I knew she wanted to make love was after she had taken a shower, came into the bedroom, turned off the light and slipped into the bed nude. By that time she didn't mind me saying the words dick, pussy, tits, nipples and cum but she rarely said them.

Now to how she finally masturbated.......One night we were lying on our backs side by side, this time with the lights on, and as I was rubbing her pussy to get her in the mood and as I spread her lips I noticed her clit was unusually hard and protruding. I asked her to feel how hard it was. It took several attempts but she finally did. To my amazement she slowly started rubbing it and didn't stop. I asked her it she could make it cum and to my utter surprise she said, 'Yes' and I told her I was going to rub my dick while she rubbed her pussy. In less than a minute she let out a little moan and immediately stopped rubbing and I asked, 'Did you cum?' She said 'Yes'. That was her first time!

In about a minute she asked, 'Did you cum?' I said not yet but I was so close. She said you can't cum without a handkerchief, but I told her I wanted us to watch it shoot off and it was too late to cover up as cum started shooting off 5-6 times all over my stomach. What a sensation it was to finally beat off and cum with her watching but she still thought it was gross. Did she ever let me do that again? Yes, but rarely.

She did learn to enjoy masturbating but wouldn't return the favor and only wanted me to cum while having intercourse.

I realize this is a sad first marriage story and after many years we finally divorced, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

My second wife turned out to be an uninhibited, loved to masturbate and watch porn, sexually oriented lady we all dream about. In this day and age it pays to openly discuss sex before marriage and learn what we like and don't like.

My second wife and I lived together, off and on, for a year to decide if we were compatible, both in our life styles as well as sexually. Did it work out this time? Did it ever!!!! This lady almost wore me out making up for lost time during our first two marriages.

She and I enjoyed masturbating since we first learned how and we were both fascinated with cum. We openly masturbated whenever we felt the urge, day or night. She tended to be an exhibitionist and enjoyed flashing her firm 38Ds and watching me get hard. She always said, 'I just like to get you ready for later'!

She subscribed to a porn video club and one afternoon, when I came home, I was surprised to find her stretched out on the bed nude masturbating with one hand massaging her nipples and one between her legs, and of course a smile on her face.

I said, 'It looks like you've been enjoying yourself. Did you cum or are you just getting started?' She said, 'No, I've already cum'. I said, 'You didn't wait on me!?' She answered, 'You forget, I can cum more than once'.

I noticed a low sound in the background and looked behind me to find she had been masturbating while watching one of her videos she subscribed to. She said there was a new one in the mail box when she came home she couldn't wait to see. She said she ordered that one especially for me ('Cum shots') as we both enjoy seeing loads of cum shoot off. She said, 'I left it on so you could masturbate with me. I can already see your bulge growing so get out of those clothes and beat off while I masturbate with you'. When I was undressed the first scene I saw was a girl stroking a large circumcised dick and cum was shooting everywhere and I was getting harder by the minute. I lay down beside her and began to stroke slowly so we could watch the video for a while. The scenes went from hand jobs to oral. Every scene ended with mind blowing cum shots and my dick beginning to throb. At her favorite spot in the tape she kept reversing it so we could watch cum shoot off continuously.

I took my time stroking until she said she was ready to cum with me. She feverishly fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit and I speeded up beating my dick which was now pulsating like crazy. Cum squirted out 6 or 7 times covering my chest and stomach. She usually held back and let me cum first since watching me shoot off gave her an immediate and intense orgasm. As she came she let out a loud, 'AAaaahhh' as she took her fingers out of her dripping pussy, licked them clean helped me clean up too. You can imagine how!

What a way to be welcomed home! Talk about from dull to incredible!!!!



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