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From Dad

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It was a rainy, dull Saturday afternoon. There was nothing good on TV and I was bored. Since I was home alone I decided to take advantage of the privacy. I went into the upstairs bathroom, which has a huge mirror on one wall. I stripped down to my briefs and admired how good I was looking since starting to work out a few months ago. I caressed my bulge through my underwear for a while and slipped them off. I leaned up against the wall opposite the mirror and began stroking my exposed cock, watching my reflection in delight.
I stood there stroking the full length of my shaft with one hand, and cupping my balls with the other. I was getting so involved with how good it felt I never heard the car enter the driveway. My breathing became more intense, and my stroking more furious, not even noticing that my parents had come home. I let out a loud moan as I could feel my balls tighten and my cock throb, ready to shoot my load.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps right outside the bathroom. ' Are you ok honey?' she said. Oh no it's mom! I tried to say something but before I could the door swung open. ' Oh my god, what are you doing?' she said as I stood there still holding my cock. ' I heard you moan, I thought you were sick or had hurt yourself ' I quickly grabbed a towel and covered up. My mom was muttering something about self -control and sin as I raced past her and into my room. I closed the door behind me and tried to calm down. She was still yelling at me and said she was going to tell my father what happened as she went back downstairs.
My mind raced. What was going to happen? What would he say? What would he do? Am I going to get punishment? These thoughts all went through my head. Being from a strict religious family, I feared the worst. I tried to get some sleep but was unable. Between fearing what was to come, and the fact that I never actually blew my load, all I could do is toss and turn in bed. I didn't dare try to stroke and relieve myself fearing I may get caught again.
The next morning I got up, went downstairs, and had breakfast. The whole time while eating, I couldn't look my mother in the eye. I was so embarrassed. I didn't say anything to my dad either, knowing that he knew what happened by now. I quickly finished eating, and went back to my room.
I had been at my desk for a couple of hours, doing some homework, and tying to forget about yesterday. There was a knock on the door. ' May I come in?' it was my dad. 'ya ok' I said. He came into the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. He was holding something in his left hand. I couldn't tell what it was but figured it was probably a bible so he could give me a long lecture full of scripture. I thought, oh boy here it comes. What happened next was a total shock
He said, ' Your mom told me to come in here and tell you how immoral and bad what you were doing is' 'but I'm not going to do that' I responded with only a dumbfounded look on my face. ' I want you to know that I think there's nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself, in fact I do it myself too' he said. 'Really?!' I said in amazement at what I heard. 'In fact when I was 15 like yourself, I masturbated all the time' I couldn't believe my ears. I should have been grossed out over hearing my own father say he strokes his cock, but for some reason I found myself noticing that my cock was twitching.
Then I was in for another surprise. He reached for a stack of magazines that he had brought in with him. What I guessed to be a bible turned out to be a bunch of porn. Next he handed me a couple from the stack. As I looked through the pages filled with scenes of naked women and people fucking, my cock began to grow larger. The bulge in my pants became quite visible, and my dad noticed. He said, ' Why don't you take those pants off? You would be a lot more comfortable' I tried to say ' I don't think so' but I only muttered it as I watched him undo his belt and drop his pants to the floor exposing a huge cock barely restrained by his briefs. My mouth dropped wide open at the sight of his massive member. I had seen it before, a long time ago by accident. I had walked into my parent's bedroom when he was changing clothes. But this was different. He was only inches away, and was sporting an erection which I could see clearly now after he took off his shorts.
I was so excited about not only not getting a lecture, but being shown porn as well that I thought my cock was going to rip through my jeans. I stood up and took off my pants and underwear in one swift motion. I sat back down on the bed next my naked father. He was leafing through one of the magazines and gently stroking his 8 inch cock. I began to stroke my cock. It felt so strange sitting there stroking myself with my dad right there beside me doing the same. He looked over at me and said,' it looks like you're going to have quite a nice cock once you finish growing up, you're already almost as big as me now' 'Thanks' I said sheepishly, I had never been complimented for my cock before. Then he said,' Let me show you a better way that will feel better' With that he reached for my cock and wrapped his hand around my shaft. 'Here ' he said,' if you stroke the full length slowly all the way up and down ' ' ohhhhhh', I let out a loud moan, it felt so good. ' Now isn't that better', he said. I felt like I was going to explode. I don't know what came over me but next thing I knew, I was reaching over for his cock. I grabbed it with my right hand. It felt so warm. I began to stroke his cock. There we were lying on my bed, naked and stroking each others cocks. With a few more thrusts of his hand around my raging cock I shot my load. A couple of spurts flew onto my chest, and the rest of my cum covered his hand. Moments later my dad's white hot cum shot out of his meaty cock, landing on me as it mixed with my own.
I will never forget that day that my dad first taught me to masturbate, and that it is ok. The best part is that it is was only the beginning of a relationship that only a father and son can have.



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